Housewear: A New Category of Clothing to Invest In


We generally tend to split our clothing into two broad categories: daywear and nightwear. Daywear, of course, consists of plenty of subcategories, as it’s anything that we wear outside of the home. Nightwear tends to be the items of clothing we sleep in, whether that be nightdresses or pyjama top and bottom sets. However, we are seeing the rise in a whole new category of clothing: house wear. This bridges the gap between items you’d wear out and the items you’d sleep in. House wear provides you with comfortable but presentable clothes that are perfect for lounging about the house in! Here are a few elements that you might like to incorporate into your wardrobe.

House Shoes

The majority of us will have had a pair of slippers at some point or another during our lives. After all, we don’t particularly want to wear our shoes around the house, but we don’t really want to walk around with bare feet either. Wearing shoes in the house can result in our flooring (and carpets in particular) building excessive levels of dirt relatively quickly. As clean as your shoes may appear, anything that comes directly into contact with the floor outdoors is likely to pick up all sorts of dirt and dust. This will simply transfer to your floors if you wear the same footwear around the house. But on the other hand, you want to remain comfortable, keep your feet warm, and avoid picking up bacterial or fungal infections from having our bare feet come into contact with the floor. Slippers, of course, would seem like the logical option to go for. But they have problems in and of themselves. They tend to be made of flimsy material and, consequently, you have to replace them time and time again. But there is an answer to all of your problems in the form of house shoes. House shoes are a hybrid between slippers and shoes. They have the comfort of slippers but a tough rubber base that gives them better grip and increased longevity. If this sounds good to you, you can browse a selection of felted shoes here!


Leggings are the ultimate source of comfort. They are covering, flattering, but generally made of soft stretch materials that hug your body without inhibiting movement. The best part of leggings is that if you happen to have a movie marathon and eat a whole load of snacks, the waistband will comfortably accommodate you. Everyone should invest in a few pairs, so that even if your favorite pair is in the wash, you have another pair to fall back on. If you have a subtle aesthetic, you can opt for plain, block colors. But if you prefer your clothing bold and bright, there are a whole array of different stand-out prints and patterns on the market too.

These are just a couple of popular house wear items that you should seriously consider investing in. Not only will they help you to feel comfortable around the house, but you won’t find yourself rushing to get changed if you have an unexpected visitor, as they are equally aesthetically pleasing as they are cozy!

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