Creating a Relaxing Home Space

It might be too late for a spring cleaning, but it’s never too late to change around a cluttered home office or turn that unused guest room into place for guests and family members alike to relax and enjoy themselves in.

Photo via  @archdigest

Photo via @archdigest

The first thing to consider when making changes to a spare room is what activities you would want to make more space for. Be it a yoga mat in the corner of the room or an inflatable bounce house, make a list of everything you enjoy doing indoors (and outdoors) and don’t take yourself too seriously! Many interior designers say that a spare room is the best place to experiment, and that secondary rooms often work better when they have a separate identity from the rest of the home. So splurge a little on some bold paint colors and patterns from your local Home Depot and make a day of it!

Another great feature of a spare room, whether in a house or an apartment, is the ability to give it multiple functions. Buy some room dividers to section off the area, or just leave it open! If you’re into feng shui, now might be the time to evaluate your options for an optimal energy flow.

Decluttering a space is one of the most obvious home improvements. Storage under the bed and fold-out furniture are only the start; they can save a lot of space, but how do you decorate that space?

Luxury designer Jenni Kayne and Tappan have a recent collection that would be perfect for revamping your personal space. These two limited edition prints are ethereal and peaceful, giving you all the bliss you need this summer. These exclusive limited edition prints are available in three sizes for purchase at and

Marc Gabor’s works for Jenni Kayne x Tappan are a part of a series of emotive photographs taken over the past three years throughout his various trips across America and Mexico. His photographs include images from the national parks of California, to the ancient ruins of Oaxaca. The works in the collection curated by Tappan for Jenni Kayne include a photograph taken in the Hudson Valley, NY and Emma Wood, California.

Whether you decide to redecorate your living room, or convert your shed into an art studio, the Jenni Kayne x Tappan collection will add a remarkable touch of worldliness that is sure to spice up your personal space and garner interest from your guests. You don’t have to be Bobby Berk from the Fab Five to create some captivating room transformations for your friends and family to appreciate.

“When people are happy in their space, it really spills out to the rest of their lives,” Bobby said in an interview about the difference design can make in a person’s day-to-day life. In Netflix’s Queer Eye, Bobby is the brain and muscle power behind every home transformation. In addition to undergoing wardrobe, hair, and diet makeovers, his clients most importantly transform internally into the best versions of themselves. Interior design is a great tool to achieve that peace of mind and sense of fulfillment, according to Bobby.

“One of the things that Bobby Camp [from Episode 5] said was, ‘When I would come home every day, and see that this house is a disaster, it would remind me, every single day, that I was not enough.’ But now, coming home to this space that is livable and organized, he’s like, ‘the stress has been lifted off. And I can move forward now.’”

So if you have the gut instinct that maybe it’s time to do something about the storage room upstairs that everyone knows to avoid, follow it.

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