Could You Live In These Locations?

There are certain locations around the world that you just think, ‘I would do anything to live there’. But, what you see on the internet, is a lot different to what you might get in reality. Because whilst some destinations might make the perfect holiday, they don’t necessarily make the perfect place to live. However, if you’re going through a time in your life where you just want to jump ship and move to a completely new country or location, then we’re going to try and help you decide whether you could live is some of the most popular tourist destinations. They all have their pros and cons, and largely, it does all depend on the type of lifestyle that you want to lead in your new location. So, let’s explore some of the most attractive destinations on the surface, and whether you should live there.


New York

You wouldn’t believe how many people try to move to states such as New York. Whether it be because their work requires them to, or whether they just need a change of scenery. Who could blame them?! New York is one of the most popular holiday destinations, but the one thing that people comment on is the hustle and bustle of the lifestyle. It’s that hustle and bustle that leaves people only staying a week, or maybe slightly more. It isn’t the place where you could go for a two week relaxing break, everything is very much go go go. However, if you were to live there, we do believe that things would be slightly different. To buy or rent an apartment, you would be looking at paying a fortune. But, if you go through companies such as Mark King Properties and get a good deal on your property at home,  you might find that you’re able to afford a lot more than you would have thought. But, there’s other factors to consider. You would have to pick your area wisely, as parts of New York can be rather dicey. You would also need to secure a job pretty much before you settle in. Due to the price of living there, you need a stable and strong income to be able to support a good lifestyle. Once you’re settled in however, we do believe that you will be able to fit into the rushed way of life, and it definitely will keep you on your toes. If you can get a good enough apartment, it would be a great place to raise a family, as the opportunities your children would have would be amazing.


Australia in general is an extremely popular country to try and move to. Thousands of people attempt it every year, but it’s not as easy as moving to say, Spain for example. Spain is one we’ll talk about later, but it definitely doesn’t rival the size and beauty of Australia. There’s so many places you could try and move to within this country, but one of the most popular is definitely Perth. It’s the perfect mixture of a relaxed vibe, mixed with an up and coming city life. If you live in the suburbs as it were, you’ll generally find that you can get a lot more for your money, and the neighbourhoods are really family bases. The people you meet will be so friendly, and it is a really easy place to settle into. A lot of people backpack through Australia, and try and stay on a working visa for as long as possible. Whilst you don’t have to give the whole backpacking thing a go, you will have to apply for a visa, and it’ll be 10+ years before you can apply for citizenship. Meaning every few years you will have to apply for that visa again, and if they don’t think you’re contributing to their economy, your Australian dream will be over. So, before even considering it, make sure you’re eligible for that visa, and to be able to move you and your family over. You usually have to have a trade, or a skill to contribute. Nurses, teachers, engineers etc. are all on the list of people they like to let into their country.


Arguably the most beautiful country that we’re going to talk about. Switzerland has so much to offer in terms of the beautiful scenery, clean air and streets, and actually working opportunities, but is it a place to be able to raise a family? Well, out of all the destinations we have listed so far, we actually think it’s the best one. Everyone is so friendly in Switzerland, it has one of the lowest crimes rates, and the best education systems. Your children, or you for that matter, wouldn’t have to pay a penny. All children are encouraged onto further education, and the career opportunities they could get from that would be amazing. Not only that, but for you, it would be such a good way of life to settle into. You’d wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face each day. People in Switzerland aren’t bogged down with the things other countries seem to be, the pace of life is just so much slower.


We think that pretty much everyone would be able to say that they could live in Spain. You’ve got the choice of either beautiful beaches, mountainous wonders, or cute little Spanish towns to settle into. It’s one of the most popular countries for people to move to, just because it’s so simple to do. That many Brits do it, that the schools now teach in both English and Spanish. The only thing we will comment is, there’s not as many job opportunities as there would be in the other countries we’ve listed. You’d have to be fluent in Spanish, and beat the Spanish to the job. You could try and set up a bar or restaurant, but there’s just so much competition it can be hard to make it. However, if you’re looking for sun, sand, and a good time, then yes, we do think you could live in Spain.

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