BuzzFeed's Real Estate Videos: A Review

By Emily Bach

Buzzfeed, a trendy lifestyle e-Magazine, has recently begun to break into the real estate business. What do we mean by that? Their popular “Worth It?” series has started a new subset, Lifestyle. Within it, they review small and grand apartments, all while investigating what makes them different from one another. The videos quickly became a huge hit , and watching them, it’s easy to see why. Their bubbly hosts, crazy locations and interesting structure makes each episode both fun to watch and informative. Each video opens with a seemingly random, but undeniably funny clip, shortly followed by a quick explanation of what homes they’ll be seeing. Their most recent episode, comparing a $568K home to a $10 million one, is entirely narrated by people out of the real estate business. This makes the video feel pretty accessible and relatable.

As they transition through houses, the real estate agents show them around the spaces and explain the features of each home. Personally, I feel they could do a bit more of an effective job, but given the limited time constraints, I think it’s fair to assume they probably said much more than what is reflected in the 11 minute video. Each home seems to be very different, which gives a certain sense of unpredictability that makes the video interesting to watch. However, it does make it a bit hard to compare. The video makes it seem like money is best reflected in space, when in reality, many of the features present in the more expensive homes are far greater than their counterparts.

Overall, the video feels well done, informative, and interesting. I’d love to see more types of content like this appearing on TV, or even by other channels. I think the concept is largely well done, and offers a good space for agents to promote their homes. Details could obviously be polished, but given the series is new, I think it’s a promising and intriguing new rendition of a real estate reality show.