7 Tips to Make Your Home Appear More Expensive

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Your home’s appearance can have a substantial impact on its resale value—and even how quickly it sells. We offer you seven tips to make your home appear more expensive before you put it on the market.

Add Architectural Molding

If a room looks classy, it’s probably due to the molding. Crown molding disguises the gap between the walls and ceiling which can make a room look luxe; adding molding to your walls will give them a paneled look. Additionally, it’ll draw the eyes to specific areas of a room. While molding is a subtle detail, it can make all the difference.

Incorporate Faux Fur

You can easily make your home look lavish with irresistibly soft faux fur. Faux fur accessories add texture and dimension to your space, not to mention they boast elegance. Consider plump pillows and fluffy throws—they’ll instantly make your home appear more luxurious to guests.

Leave Fresh Flowers on Display

Beautiful flowers are a bright, refreshing invitation into a home. To elevate the look of any room, opt for tight, full floral arrangements. Plus, thanks to their colorful petals, they’re an easy way to liven up your space. As a bonus, fresh flowers also emit a pleasant fragrance.

Pay Attention to The Windows

To make your home look high-end (even when you’re on a budget), invest in window treatments. Many people often overlook their windows; however, dressing them up can really transform a room. Long curtains not only make a room look upscale, but they also create the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger space. Trust us, your living space is going to feel grand!

Show Off Your Favorite Art

For a unique, polished look, hang up some art. Large-scale art acts as a chic focal point in any living space. Don’t own any works of art? You can always create your own masterpieces and showcase them.

Simplify Your Space

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “less is more,” and it absolutely applies to interior design. Every piece of décor should serve a purpose—avoid purchasing unnecessary furnishings, highlight sentimental items, and thoughtfully place accessories on bookshelves and tables. It’s all about creating meaningful vignettes with what you currently own. Likewise, a room looks more sophisticated when it’s organized, so it’s best to arrange the furnishings you want to keep and remove any lingering clutter.

Roll Out an Area Rug

Rugs group furnishings together and make a room feel more comfortable. A general rule of thumb is to arrange pieces to sit on the rug or touch a portion of it. When purchasing a rug, just be sure that it isn’t too small, as it will shrink your room. A rug that’s proportional to your space will really pull the whole look together.

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