5 Perfect Spots for a NYC Fall Wedding

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air begins to chill, the season for fall weddings is fast approaching. Here are a few of our favorite spots for tying the knot in NYC.


1. The Botanical Garden

There’s no better place to witness the seasonal changes of the city than at the Botanical Gardens. The modern interior provides the perfect place for a service on cool days, or a dinner on warmer ones. The Botanical Gardens are known for their services, and boast an impressive resume of previous clients.


2. Wave Hill Public Gardens

The gardens of Wave Hill are a bride’s dream. With a 28 acre, English style residence and impeccable garden outlook, the Wave Hill House is the perfect spot for pictures, dinners and more. Particularly in fall, the gardens are sure to leave your guests in awe.


3. Dyker Beach Golf Course

If you’re looking for an outdoor venue, Dyker Beach is the way to go. Their 5,000 square foot patio is specially designed for weddings. The venue carries with it an impressive ballroom, known for it’s class and seating capacity, which currently stands at 600 guests.


4. Central Park Zoo

Unfortunately, this outdoor spot isn’t accompanied by any cool animals, but rather by an infamous white tent event and stunning views. The venue is known for hosting some of the most luxurious events in NYC, and trust me, once you see it, you’ll understand why.


5. Rainbow Room

Overlook the NYC skyline and gardens from the outlook at the Rainbow Room. The stunning view is known for its outlook on the city, with some comparing it to that of the Empire State Building. Its accompanied by a circular interior, ensuring every guest can see the city on your special day.

By Emily Bach