How To Look Your Best On National Men's Grooming Day

As grooming habits have become too complicated and we all want to look our best as Fashion Week comes by, we celebrate today National Men's Grooming Day by sharing our top essentials to look your best on any day, ladies too!

Clarisonic Alpha Fit - One of the most advance tools you can have in your cabinet comes from the Clarisonic family. Patented sonic technology cleanses away oil, sweat and grime for healthier feeling, more energized skin — whether you’re ready for a smoother, closer shave or a beard that looks and feel its best. The device features two simple settings to energize men’s skin, those who are clean shaven and those or are bearded or needing a power clean for a more comfortable beard or for more cleansing power post-workout

A Perfect Shave - For the guys who are looking to simplify their grooming routine, Gillette’s AllPurpose Styler is the answer. This 3-in-1 tool is ideal for trimming evenly, shaving closely and edging accurately, making it as easy as possible to create the perfect look.

Electric Shaver Review from Groom & Style

The All Purpose Styler simplifies grooming routines with three easy steps: Trim, Shave, and Edge where you turn your razor blade around to use the built in precision trimmer to create crisp and defined lines


For fuller and thicker hair we can't go without Truefitt & Hill Thickening Shampoo: Using milk and wheat protein that strengthen hair and add body. The proteins not only make the hair appear thicker, but also add loft to the hair follicle, helping hair to appear fuller. Fragranced with a mild citrus and melon scent, you'll be smelling fresh, but not too feminine. We recommend using this about 2 to 3 times a week.

Facial masques are something I’ve really been getting into lately. I spend a lot of time on airplanes which are super dehydrating, and I bounce between cities with vastly different climates. When I’m in a city that’s humid or I’m out skateboarding a lot, I use Kiehl’s Age Defender Cleanser and leave it on for 10 minutes once a week. It turns into a dry masque that exfoliates when you rinse it off. I’ve also just discovered Odacité’s Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque, which is a powder that comes with a brush for application and a whisk for blending it to a liquid consistency. You can add a bunch of different ingredients to it, like milk or sugar or lemon juice, to activate the powder for your specific skin issues. When my skin is dry from traveling, I’ll add some coconut oil
— Instagram Star, Sage Goldnik

What to wash withGoa Purifying Facial Wash - The face cleanser is excellent for oilier skin types, and a fast absorption time leads to no residue. 

Dark Phyto-Matter and a high concentration of organic antioxidants power GOA's Purifying Face Cleanser to greatly reduce the look of acne, pore size, and fine expression lines, while detoxifying the surface of the skin.

The all purpose vitamin - Men's & Women's Multi + Fish Oil: The first dual delivery system to provide the ideal intake of multivitamins and fish oil in one capsule. Packed with Biotin, known to help skin, hair, and nail production, ORB is the perfect vitamin to take as part of your daily grooming routine. Don’t ignore your health while focusing on your looks!

Never look tired again with Brickell Restoring Eye Cream, even after a couple drinks and little sleep, this will brighten and rejuvenate tired, dull eyes. This eye balm smoothes wrinkles around the eyes by strengthening the surrounding skin, while reducing puffiness (bags) and dark circles. Using deep moisturizers and protein peptides restore the skin structure, while caffeine reduces dark circles and puffiness. These ingredients have been shown to increase blood circulation and reduce dark circles.

To top our grooming routine we end with Sulwhasoo's Skin Reinforcing Emulsion, using Jeongyangdan and sea buckthorn extract, the benefits strengthen the skin's barrier to protect from external factors, city pollution. For the man who likes something woodsy, this emulsion has notes of pine, aloeswood, and white sandalwood.