What You'll Be Drinking This Easter Sunday

'Easter is like Brunch where on a Sunday you gather to eat and drink. When joining a group it's good to be easy with what's on the menu, if there is something you want, know to bring it yourself. Our biggest concern is the drinks, while we love a good Bloody Marry, we're a little over Mimosas’, but still want to celebrate with Champagne.

Being the celebratory drink it is, Champagne is perfect for the traditional, joyful festivities of Easter Sunday. Champagne can be a mystery with treasures to be discovered, well hidden from those who don’t know where to look. These secrets are part of the fun to discover.

If you’re unsure as to what to bring this Easter to Brunch look no further than Moet & Chandon’s 2008 Grand Vintage Brut. After aging 7 years in the historic cellars, this is a perfect springtime opening similar to a bouquet of floral notes of linden, honeysuckle and acacia, citrus nuances of bergamot and mandarin orange zest, and dash of anise and green tomato, give way to flavors of just-ripe stone fruit and scents of pastry and almonds with a slight hint of white pepper.

A bright pale yellow with glimmers of green, its first impression on the palate is vivacious and lively, subsequently extending itself, with an invigorating finish and lingering note of citrus fruit. Incredibly versatile and food friendly, Moët Grand Vintage 2008 is a surprising yet excellent way to elevate unexpected pairing dishes, such as truffled French fries, salted popcorn, fried chicken, and many more to go with your Easter meal. 





Chandon Sweet Star

Chandon Sweet Star

Also in the Moet family the Chandon Sweet Star is the newest bubbly to pair with a variety of light bites with your  for any Spring and Summer Brunch. For chic sipping, grab a bottle as a hostess gift for your bestie’s rooftop soirée that will taste great with anything from spicy sushi to decadent donuts – perfect for toasting the arrival of warm weather and sundresses. This bottle goes beyond just Easter but will last you through Summer. We suggest stocking up, as you’ll want these for on the go.

If your still in the mood for a red try a bottlethat's perfect in between seasons wine Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel Mendocino County 2014. As Easter sits in before the heat of Summer this medium-bodied ripe Zin with vibrant cherry and cassis layered with notes of toasty oak shining through. Spicy clove and cardamom balance the wine, making it the perfect pair for barbecued lamb this Easter evening. Created by “Godfather of Zin” Joel Peterson, Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandels showcase the best aspects of their respective terroirs, while maintaining the winery’s “no wimpy wines” ethos.