Why Your Winter Sun Break Can Be Unhealthy

Seasonal affective disorder has gained a lot of attention in recent years. To put it in simple words, SAD is directly linked to the seasonal changes. Its most common form is during the winter months, when the sunlight is at its lowest – however, you can find summer seasonal disorder cases too.

Getting a little bit of winter sun is not just a trendy way of chilling out before the summer break. It can be an integral part of your mental health recovery, especially if you’ve been struggling with depressive patterns of behavior. It would be simplistic to attribute your mood lift entirely to an increase in vitamin D, but direct sunlight can genuinely make you feel better in your skin.

However, your winter sun holiday may not be as filled with health benefits as you think. Indeed, every year, countless holidaymakers unknowingly put their health at risk while recharging their batteries in one of the sunniest places of the planet.


There’s such a thing as too much vitamin D

We hear you; you've missed the sun so much that you can’t have enough of it right now. You find yourself sitting in the terrace of restaurants, closing your eyes as you let the sun warm your face. Can life get any sweeter?

The main problem with this is that your skin might not be prepared to take so much direct sun. Indeed, when you go from a cold Winterland region to hot beach weather, you are likely to get a sunburn without even noticing it. Make sure to pack sun protection in your luggage. If you want to help your skin stay healthy in the sun, you can use self-tanning products that give you a golden glow while stopping harmful UV light. Ideally, you want to buy a gradual fake tan so that you can build you the color as you spend more time in the sun.

Indulging in the party food

Forget the diet for a week; you’re on holiday! Short breaks rarely affect your weight as they are not long enough for you to build bad habits. However, they can change your smile. Indeed, holidaymakers tend to indulge in unhealthy snacks and drinks during their vacation. The ice cream bought on the beach or the last cocktail in the early hour of the morning can encourage the bacteria naturally present in your mouth and lead to cavity – especially if you accidentally fall asleep without brushing your teeth! It’s a good idea to book a dental care appointment on your way back, to make sure that there is no lasting damage to your enamel. You should also buy a chewable toothbrush if you’re on a long flight.

I want to see all the things

There’s no holiday without planning. But planning too much can have a counterproductive effect. Indeed, people go on vacation to relax. If you’ve got too much to do before and during your break, you’re likely to struggle with high-stress. For instance, you need to make room for spontaneity in your holiday program. Days packed with activities and sightseeing are not only stressful, but they also cause premature skin aging!

In conclusion, your winter sun holiday could break you, both physically and emotionally. Be mindful of what you do and how you feel at all times.

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