Why Now Is The Best Time To Book Your Next Trip To Paris

Who else feels that this year went by in the blink of an eye? The end of the year is near! I have a wave of emotions after realizing how soon this year is coming to an end. While I’m happy with the things I’ve accomplished, I’m also feeling stressed about the things I have yet to do! Maybe it’s because I spend way too much time in front of my computer. However, doing that led me to INSIDR! Reading more about Christmas in Paris, sounded ike an amazing experience, But learning more about the sales period in Paris makes think I might plan for a trip in January or in July instead.

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I went online to look for some prospective places to stay in Paris. My main concern is being able to stay somewhere safe and central. A friend of mine who lives in Paris suggested that I look for a hotel that’s in the 8th arrondissement because it’s quite central and it’s near all the big shopping places like Galeries Lafayette and rue Saint-Honore. This is great because it means I will have easy access to public transportation. Thanks to INSIDR’s shopping guide, I found Hotel Chavanel which is a stylish boutique hotel just near Opera. I’m so looking forward to making my trip come true. For now, I have to work hard and save up!

Even though I won’t do my trip soon, I took a pleasure in planning itself. So, I went around and read a lot of articles from INSIDR which will help me get the best experience in Paris. I found many recommendations about things that I can do in Paris beyond the Eiffel Tower and visiting the Louvre. Even if you are in Paris on Sunday, which is admittedly the quietest day of the week, you can still find many interesting things to do. On a sunny day, you can enjoy a nice brunch in the city, take a stroll at one of the pretty gardens around town, or just relax at one of the coffee shops in Paris. At night, you can enjoy the city in a totally different way. I found this article about things that you can do in Paris at night, and I found that this city has so many shows to enjoy! One thing that catches my attention is their article about Moulin Rouge, where they also have told the history and origin of the cabaret. This is so new and interesting to me!

Food is essential, even more so when you’re in France. In Paris, you will have unlimited choices to try from. I found this complete guide of restaurants in Paris from INSIDR if you aren’t sure where to start. From a romantic place to enjoy dinner to street foods that you can get in Paris, you can get all the information there. You can even find recommendations for gluten-free restaurants and vegan restaurants in Paris. Of course, you would have to try all the typical French foods, like escargot, oysters, and truffles. The one thing that you just can’t forget when you’re in France: the pastries, all of the pastries. On their website you can find all of INSIDR’s recommendations on the best pastries in Paris and for sure, you won’t regret it. Try the best croissants and other delicacy gems that you should try while you’re there!


Another thing that I always do if I’m  traveling somewhere is hunting for souvenirs. I love having something that reminds me of my trip, and something to give to my loved ones. I found this complete guide of recommendations for souvenir shopping in Paris. There are many places whereb you can find a variety of things to bring back home, there are chocolate, perfumes, and original made in France gifts which make for a very beautiful souvenir. If you don’t really have a lot of time to go around town searching for the perfect gift, Galeries Lafayette is the perfect go-to place. You can find many things here, from clothing, pretty little knick-knacks, to even foodstuff in Lafayette Gourmet. If you have a little more time, you can find many local shops at Le Marais where you can find many interesting things to remember your trip by.

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