Why Do We Drink Champagne On New Year’s Eve?

New Years is a time to celebrate the end of a year and to start a new. While you may be watching, the ball drop or out in the club chances are you’ll be drinking champagne, but have you ever wondered why? With the glitz and glamour champagne has always been seen as a touch of luxury, like white wine the bubbles breathe life into the glass making for a beautiful liquid unlike soda or energy drinks. In the  1700’s in Europe champagne was very expensive and seen at a status symbol, which has branded champagne as a luxury, even being the drink of choice for Louis XIV.

Why Do We Drink Champagne On New Year’s Eve?

Today champagne has been considered the drink of champions, whether your graduating from college, or winning the NBA champions have champagne sprayed on them as a way to celebrate (much easier to clean than red wine as well). Because champagne has become less of a luxury but more of a celebratory drink, it has become the drink of choice on New Year’s Eve as people say goodbye to one year, and celebrate the start of another.

Below is a list of some of my favorite champagnes, unlike a victory, it’s better to celebrate by savoring every last sip of these champagnes. Try one or try them all with your friends by taking notes on the different tastes and aromas.

Why Do We Drink Champagne On New Year’s Eve?

Taittinger Nocturne

Tasting Notes - This distinctively sweet Champagne is pale yellow in color with shimmering highlights and bubbles that form a delicate ring of fine foam. On the nose there are aromas of white flowers, yellow peach and dried apricots. The palate is smooth and creamy yet very crisp and gives way to flavors of raisins and fruit in syrup. This mature, rich and round wine culminates in a long, smooth finish.

From Jeff Porter, noted Italian wine expert and sommelier (based in NY): “One of my favorite Champagne alternatives is Pignoletto, specifically from the Colli Bolognesi DOCG, but I like them from other regions in Emilia-Romagna, as well. They come in various expressions and are distinctly varietal-driven: Pignoletti generally have floral noses, with apple-y palates and a crisp finish; for its size, the region also has a lot of organic and even bio-dynamic farmers, and ‘sur lies’ wines (made of course in the Champagne method) are available for only $20. At that price and that quality, you should drink it all night long, not just for the toast!”

PRES_SLEEVE_MI17-FESTIVE-BOTTLE-MAJ (Native) [MHISWF114579 Revision-1]_preview.jpg

From the Moët Hennessy’s Icons Gift Collection 2017-18, the Moët & Chandon Golden Sparkle Festive Bottle is everything you need. Bold and glamourous, the Moët & Chandon Golden sparkle bottle, creates the perfect statement for big celebrations. Associated with grandeur and glamour, a golden bottle of Moët Impérial, the world's most beloved champagne, elevates every occasion. 

For those of you who don't drink, don't worry you've got options. Rather than sparkling cider which is too sweet, you can drink TÖST an all-natural blend of white tea, white cranberry and ginger, it lets you enjoy both the health benefits of sparkling water and the thrill of sparkling wine.