Where To Vacation In 2019

What better way to get your 2019 started than by planning out your ultimate vacation. Getting a head start will not only prevent stress later down the line, but will also give you something to look forward to. The only thing you need to get started is knowing where you want to go, so take a look at these relaxing and beautiful vacation spots to get your vacation plan started.


Photo by:  @unlimitedmykonos  on Instagram

Photo by: @unlimitedmykonos on Instagram

If you're into partying, then Mykonos is the place for you. Mykonos is an island in Greece that is located in the Aegean sea. It's best known for the party scene it attracts along with the multitude of famous DJs. There are plenty of dance clubs and bars to explore and hang out at while you're there. After partying for while, you can relax on their beaches or walk around to see the various windmills that were built in the 16th century.

Isle of Capri

Photo by:  @visitcapriofficial  on Instagram

Photo by: @visitcapriofficial on Instagram

The Isle of Capri is a naturally relaxing and breathtaking sight where you can enjoy a picture perfect date vacation. The Isle of Capri is an island in Italy that has plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Capri is best known for its Blue Grotto and beautiful coast lines which draw yachts in to enjoy the scenery. If you love to shop, you're in luck here too because the Isle of Capri has multiple luxury and designer fashion stores.

Laucala Island

Photo by:  @unforgettable.hotels  on Instagram

Photo by: @unforgettable.hotels on Instagram

If you're looking for a tropical place to enjoy your vacation, take a look at Laucala Island in Fiji. Laucala Island has beautiful, deep blue water and exotic wildlife that will make your vacation Instagram worthy. You will have access to your own private beach, multiple lagoons, and your own buggy to travel around the island.

Cayo Espanto

Photo by:  @jfoy350a  on Instagram

Photo by: @jfoy350a on Instagram

Cayo Espanto is a privately owned luxury island in the coast of Belize. You can enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, bird watching, fishing, and even have a romantic picnic on the beach. Cayo Espanto also has a 5-star menu that is tailored to your taste to give you the best personalized, relaxing, and private vacation you could ever imagine.

COMO Cocoa Island

Photo by:  @comococoaisland  on Instagram

Photo by: @comococoaisland on Instagram

Cocoa Island is another privately owned island, but is known by the locals as Makunufushi. It is located off of the coast of Malé. On Cocoa Island you can enjoy a walk on the boardwalk daily as each of the overwater villas are connected by a wooden boardwalk. You can also enjoy snorkling, spa sessions, yoga classes, and diving. There are also 5 different dining options available for you to choose from.

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