What Are Young Professionals Looking for in Houses?


Buying a home is a solid investment in one's future, which means that making the right choice is crucial. But what makes an ideal home for today's generation? Is it classic architecture or experimental design? Is it a downtown or uptown location? These are the main things that young professionals are looking for in houses:

Location, Location, Location

Clearly one of the most important factors in the decision-making process is the location of the house. Young home buyers want to make investments in neighborhoods that are on the rise. Essentially, they are looking for affordable houses in up and coming neighborhoods that are going to be the uptown of tomorrow. Due to urban cultural expansion, more and more places in the city are adapting. If you’re buying a property in New York, outskirts are not to be avoided anymore because these are the it-neighborhoods of tomorrow. You no longer have to live on the Upper East Side to be in the limelight.

Budgeting Limits

Before you can explore those promising offers, you have to know how much you can borrow for any property purchase. This will help you make a realistic set of choices and ultimately narrow it down to the ideal home within your budget. Young professionals value affordability and setting this within the limits of a solid financial plan will make for a steady foundation of the home-finding process. Additionally, you’d want to be able to secure at least a 10 percent deposit, but ideally, this figure should rise to 20% in order to avoid any further expenditures, such as mortgage insurance.


Nowadays, time is precious and nobody wants to waste hours on end commuting to work. Easy access to trains and subway stations is a key element for that ideal house. In fact, the closer the station is, the better. Workplaces will certainly change over the years, but having easy access to reliable transportation to the city center will always be an advantage.


An ideal house is close to everything you need on a regular basis. From supermarkets to malls, schools, and clinics, your house must be within a reasonable distance from all of them. Young home-seekers will always take their time to study the surroundings of a potential choice as this can make the difference between life being a breeze or an unnecessary hassle.

Modern Design

As far as architecture and design go, modern is the way to go for the younger generations. A house has to be practical rather than pompous, so vintage furniture is not exactly a plus (although it can make for some pleasing results when used accordingly). Young professionals prefer new buildings that boast a simple design which is in line with current trends. As for interior design, everything has to have a purpose. The modern trend is to make every inch of space serve a purpose without clogging up the available space.

Easy Maintenance

Today's generation doesn't have time to polish the silverware and wax the floors anymore. Easy maintenance is absolutely crucial for a house. It should be easy to clean and it should require as little periodic maintenance as possible. This is one of the key reasons why people opt for new houses rather than older ones. As for the furniture and decoration, these should be kept at a minimum, but everything must be thought of as a system. Smart furniture doesn't only save up space, but it also optimizes utility, which leads to easier maintenance.

Space to Connect

People want a house where they will be happy in, which means spending time with family and friends. The space where we spend our days with our loved ones must be inviting, relaxing, and comfortable. Having a well-designed patio where you can create an outdoor retreat from stress-filled days or a well-lit room inside where you can place a big table to have dinner with the entire family are elements that will make a house worth the investment. Young people want houses where they can envision themselves living harmoniously in the long run, so the ideal choice must have spaces where they will be inspired to connect with their loved ones.

From budgeting to location and the actual feel of the house, there are many things to consider when purchasing a home. Young professionals want houses where they can be happy both in the near future, but also many years from now, so the selection process will be extremely elaborate.  

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