Unusual Travel Experiences You Won't Want to Miss

The world is full of adventures and if you feel like you’ve seen it all, you’re almost certainly wrong. That’s the great thing about travel; there’s always a new adventure or experience just around the corner, whether you realise it yet or not. Sometimes, you have to get off the beaten path and look at some of the more interesting and unusual ways in which you can see the world and experience travel.

We’ve got lots of ideas for unusual travel experiences that you can have anytime you like. These are the kinds of experiences that you might not have had yet, but they're ones you won’t want to miss. The whole point of travel should be to do and see things that you could never do or see in your everyday life, and these experiences all fit that description. Read on now to find out all about them.


Explore Barcelona’s Gaudi Architecture

Barcelona has a lot to offer, but what makes it truly unique and stand out from all the other European cities that you might have visited already is the architecture. In particular, I’m talking about the architecture by Gaudi. His buildings can be found all over Barcelona, and they’re like nothing you’ll find anywhere else in the world. If you’re yet to see them up close, you shouldn’t hesitate to book a trip to Barcelona when you next get a chance to do so.

Witness the Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania

If you’re a nature lover and you want to have an incredible experience in Africa, there are few better options than heading to Tanzania when the Wildebeest migration is taking place. It’s one of the most incredible natural sights you’ll ever witness. Zebras and gazelles also migrate at the same time, and it’s truly astonishing to witness this mass migration of African wildlife play out before your eyes. If you head to Tanzania between July and October, you’ll be able to witness it for yourself.

Look Up at the Stars in the California Desert

The California desert is incredibly peaceful and amazingly beautiful. If you’ve never been out there or you’ve mainly stuck to the cities like LA, you should take the time to see what’s in the more rural area. Camping in the California desert during summer and taking the chance to look up at the cloudless sky and stare at the stars is something that’s not to be missed. Many argue that there’s no better place in the world for stargazing, and you should decide that for yourself.

A Desert Safari

Sticking with the desert theme, you should think about taking a desert safari in a location like Dubai. You can find out more about booking this kind of adventure at this website. The experience itself is one that you won’t want to miss. It’s about traversing the landscape and witnessing some of the most incredible, challenging and majestic landscapes that you’ll find anywhere on the planet. It’s just as fun and as exciting as it sounds, if not more so. Don’t miss out.

Walk Through the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan

This is easily one of the most unique and breathtaking experiences you can have while travelling in Japan. In Kyoto, you’ll find the Sagano Bamboo Forest and it’s not to be missed. The tall bamboo surrounding you as you explore the depths of the forest are stunning. It’s a natural forest landscape like no other, even if you’ve been walking and hiking in many forest in other parts of the world before. You can’t truly appreciate how stunning it is until you experience it first hand.

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Experience the Incredible Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands has long been considered one of the most stunning locations on the face of the Earth for experiencing wildlife and and seeing everything that nature has to offer. The diversity in the wildlife on the islands is amazing, so if you’re someone who loves that kind of thing and wants to get up close and personal with some of the most exotic and unusual species in the world, you should head to the Galapagos Islands if you ever get the chance to.

Attend the Yi Peng Festival in Thailand

The Yi Peng Festival in Thailand brings so many people together and it’s such a joyous festival. Everyone gets involved and has a good time with it, and that’s what it should all be about. If you’ve never been to Thailand before, make sure you visit when the Yi Peng Festival is on. The best part of the whole festival is when everyone lights lanterns and released them in to the sky at the same time. It’s a magnificent sight to behold and one that you’ll always remember.

Hike Peru’s Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is easily one of the most incredible hiking opportunities you’ll ever get. The ancient trail and the ruins located up high in the Andes Mountains of Peru are staggering. Seeing the ruins of a long-vanished civilization up close like this is something that you won’t forget in a hurry. So if you love hiking and history, this is the travel experience that manages to combine both of those things expertly. You won’t want to miss out on it.

Swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Finally, you should head north to Iceland. It might be a small and remote country, but the tourism industry there is doing very well as more and more people discover the natural beauty of the island. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike, so make sure you head to it and spend some time swimming in it when you’re in Iceland.

There are so many amazing experiences out there waiting for you, so start planning your next adventure now that you have some inspiration. Each of these unusual travel experiences will provide you with memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, so make sure you don’t miss out on them.

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