Three Ways To Travel Ethically

Travelling the world is one of those adventures can completely change who you are and how you see the world. From eye opening experiences to life changing encounters, there is a reason behind everything that you experience and encounter as you make your way across the world. 

But that doesn't mean you should leave your mark on the world as you travel. Travelling as ethically and environmentally conscious as possible should be something we should all aim to do. This needn't difficult or expensive.



Invest in good quality eco friendly clothing that will last you for your trip. No one wants to lugging huge amounts of luggage around especially if the items it contains aren't likely to last you your whole trip. 

For example if your travelling to warmer climates, like backpacking around Australia, choosing mens shorts that are ethically made and will wear well as you travel again and again can save you have to pay out for new pairs compared to cheaper fast fashion. 

The same goes for any items such as coats or shoes. Investing in fewer items that are better quality will not only enable you to travel lighter but cut down on any clothing waste by eliminating any throwaway items. 


Well know we need to be more conscious of our plastic use and toiletries can be one of the biggest contributors when it comes to using plastic. 

As with clothing, toiletries can really weigh heavy in your luggage so by making some simple changes to what you use you can reduce your plastic usage and lighten up your load. 

Swap bottle to bars for products that will last that little bit longer and be much easier to pack away as you move from place to place. With shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair and bars of soap you can pack more efficiently whilst also doing your part to help live and travel ethically. 

Forget the wipes and replace them with washable and reusable pads for your skincare routine and washcloths for the shower or bath. 

It may seem easy but it will be worth it in the long run when you know you are helping to reduce your impact on the world. 


It can be easy to stick to foods you know and love that remind you of home. But if that food isn't native to where you are travelling, chances are it's already racked up quite the carbon footprint to make to the store you are standing in. 

Why not make the effort to eat locally sourced food from local retailers and markets. Not only will you be expanding your palete and discovering new foods and drinks, you will also be making more ethical choices when it comes to what you are eating. 

Another great thing is that you will also be supporting locals and the economy too. Helping workers put food on the table and bring in an income for their families too. 

Eating local foods has so many positive benefits for so many different reasons it stands to reason that for those who want to live and travel as ethically and sustainable as possible it is the best option all round. 

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