The Most Indulgently Beautiful Places To Live

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You’ve worked hard. You’ve taken the risks to develop your business. You’ve managed to get to the top of your industry. You’ve made investments that make sense and are now reaping the rewards. You have come into funding through your own effort, or perhaps good sense and circumstance. In any case, you deserve to enjoy your funding through a wonderful living situation. Anchoring yourself somewhere beautiful is one thing, but some of the most beautiful places in the world? Why on earth not?

But first, you need to know where the most beautiful places to live are. You needn’t be a millionaire to live in some of the following locations, but there’s no doubt that the following locations emphasize quality, beautiful societies, and a demographic makeup of pure intrigue and gorgeous historical merit.

Consider the following places in our home buying guide:


The Bahamas are known for not only the pristine and idealized geography, the gorgeous, crystal clear water and the white gold beaches, but also a perfect sense of spacial design, allowing Bahamas real estate to take on a luxury feeling while also offering enough access to well-meaning tourists. The balance of tourism trade and residential comfort is perfected in the Bahamas, and living here could truly be considered one of the most beautiful places to relax on Earth.

People enjoy coming here to escape the heavy bustle of the inner-city and once again get an appreciation for the beauty of sunny environments, wonderful culture and perhaps the most down to earth people they can encounter. There’s a reason why when asked their intent after hypothetically winning the lottery, most people will tell you they’d lay back in a chair sipping a margherita, lost in the Bahamas with nothing but their surroundings to support them. That sounds pretty amazing to us.


The city of love is known by that moniker for a recent, a real palpable feeling of romance floods the city streets here. But why is that? Is it because people are too loose and expressive here with one another, when really they should be a little more considerate of the people near them? Of course not. Paris, the hub of all Francehood, is known for its dilligent apprecation for the arts, and the care of its creative community. Sensational food, historical preservation, artistic enterprise, theatre, dance, film, all of it lends itself to a feeling of observation and representation, of appreciation and care. How could that not be romantic? Renting an apartment in the hub of the city, or perhaps purchasing a gorgeous home on the outskirts not only gives you access to a wonderful and routinely cherished location, but helps you thrive in the heart of this community, impress a lover throughout any stage of the relationship, and celebrate life in a manner that is seemingly only accessible by that secret French beauty.

These two places can provide you with internal and external beauty, a sense of real comfort and a gorgeous, neverending cycle of activities to take part in. With this in mind, you’re sure to enjoy your new surroundings completely.

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