The Essential Guide To Heading Off The Beaten Track


While a vacation to a tourist hotspot, all inclusive resort or a busy city is a fantastic way to travel, sometimes there’s nothing better than escaping from the crowds and heading off the beaten track. To do this, you need to know where to go. The internet and guide books are full of stunning vistas and monuments and sights that are popular with the masses but what about when you want some alone time and some peace and quiet. Take a look at this guide to some incredible places to get off the beaten track.


The beautiful island nation of Bali has been popular for a decade or more. White sandy beaches, volcanic mountain vistas and a relaxed pace of life makes this a sound choice for those travelers looking for a chilled out vacation. While a sun seeker’s paradise, there are some isolated spots to enjoy. The Tirtagangga Water Palace is miles away from the major tourist sites making it an isolated paradise for those travelers who want to escape the crowds. Head to the palace before midday and the chances are you will be able to converse with the locals without a tourist in sight. The gardens are incredible, the sculptures are beautiful and you can even swim in one of the open air swimming pools. Bliss.

Bali has a reputation for incredible food and drink. Forget the famous Aperitif restaurant and make your way to a beach club or two. It is here that you’ll meet the locals, immerse yourself in the culture and try the regional cuisine.


While you might think a trip to Iceland means staying in Reykjavik, you’d be wrong. You could stay in one of many more isolated spots on the island. Akureyri is the second largest town in Iceland yet still relatively untouched by tourists. Here, you will experience a much more authentic way of life and you might not see a single other tourist on your travels. When heading off to hunt for the Northern Lights, forget the tours and go it alone. By all means follow the tour bus in your hire car, but you could just head to Lake Mývatn, the most isolated and beautiful volcanic body of water. Being one of the darkest places on the island away from light pollution, you can maximize your chances of seeing the laser light show of the Aurora Borealis.


Forget Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka; you should be venturing to the tiny island of Miyajima. Separated from Hiroshima by just a fifteen minute ferry ride, you could be enjoying life with the native monkeys and staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan rather than the high rises of the capital. There’s no smog, little noise and a more relaxed pace of life. You could climb Mount Misen, try to reach the peak without having something stolen by the native primates and count all of the Buddhas along the way. There is even a floating Torii gate that reveals a stunning sunset backdrop every evening.

When traveling it is always a good idea to escape the crowds once in a while to immerse yourself in something a little more authentic instead.

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