The Benefits of Drinking Wine Out of a Can

Now I know what you’re already probably thinking. How can I turn my nose up at all my friends and act like I’m the most cultured Wino if we’re drinking wine from a can, and what kind of vintage could I expect from wine that comes out of a can? Will it have a top notes of hazelnuts or golden apples? Well if you can put all those preconceived notions you picked up at fancy wine tastings about what wine should be, I’m sure you’ll find that canned wine is simply better in many cases then bottled wine.


The first and foremost of those is the fact that canned wine is so much more simple and easy to use than bottled wine. It is easier to transport a can, it chills faster, and it can’t shatter, because I’m sure we’ve all had that experience. Where after a few glasses and all the bottles that were open, are now empty. So someone tries to open a new bottle with a corkscrew and they end up pulling too hard smashing the bottle shattering the neck, or even just splash wine all over themselves.  Either way you shouldn’t expect drunks to do complex tasks that require a modicum of self-control, and well you would have to be exceedingly drunk to mess up opening a can.

Another aspect of being freed from corks is that you simply don’t need to own a corkscrew, and if a special someone calls you over at two in the morning telling you to bring a bottle of wine. It won’t ruin the mood when you have to spend thirty minutes trying to figure out how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew just because you assumed they owned a corkscrew when they didn’t. Put plainly canned wine fits the modern busy lifestyle, it is the kind of wine you can drink at an outdoor concert venue. Dance with it in your hand even, and it won’t slosh out of the cup like wine normally would, because this time it’s in a can.

It is also a more affordable alternative than spending at least $15 or if you like burning money upwards of $80 dollars for 750ml of wine. We here at Off the MRKT like wine as much as the next website, but spending that much every time we want to drink some of it can tend to be a little too costly.  That’s why the average $6-7 price of a 375ml can of wine is so great. You’re just paying for two and a half glasses of wine at a time instead of five at once. Most importantly during the holidays you won’t look like an alcoholic for drinking two cans of wine, but if you drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself all of a sudden your family is staging an intervention.

Finally if none of that was enough to convince you the future of wine is in cans, we will talk about taste. Skeptics might say that wine from a can will taste like aluminum, but today’s aluminum is coated inside to prevent the transfer of metallic tastes. Not to mention canning does a far superior job of preventing oxygen exchange, because a can has a perfect airtight seal unlike some bottles. The cans also do infinitely better at stopping light from getting into the drink, by way of being opaque unlike a bottle. Since light and oxygen are two of the biggest foes of preserving flavor and shelf life, it is probably a safe bet that dollar for dollar a canned wine will taste much better than a bottled wine, and yes it does come in Rosé.