The 3 Best Destinations For Sun

There are many things you might be looking for from a holiday, but one of the most popular is some sun. most people choose to escape to some sun, even if they live in sunny climes themselves. Of course, plenty of places around the world are going to be able to shower you with sun, but there are some destinations in particular which seem particularly good for it. If you are thinking about planning a holiday to somewhere sunny in the coming few years, then you might want to think about some of the following spots. These are all places which you can always expect to get a lot of sun from, and they are beautiful too boot. Let’s take a look and see if any of these appear attractive to you.



This is an absolute classic destination for sun-lovers, and one which is more varied than a lot of people seem to give it credit for. You probably have an image in your mind of what Florida is like, and the truth is that you are probably only half right. Florida, in fact, is full of many different kinds of landscapes and settings, and no matter what it is you might be looking for you are bond to find a fair approximation of it there. Obviously enough, it’s the sunny capital of the states as well, so you know that that is going to be no problem. You might choose to visit the popular and beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, find a hotel near Fort Lauderdale Airport with shuttle service to make your life that much easier, and then just rest on the beach the whole time. However you do it, you’re bound to come away pretty tanned.


Greece has always been one of the world’s absolute top spots for holidaymakers, and the sun has to be a lot to do with that. If you are looking for a particularly hot time, you might want to consider the island of Santorini, a volcanic island with black sands which is one of the warmest places in that part of the world. But no matter where you go in Greece, you are bound to be able to get a lot of sun, so make sure that you don’t forget that when you are starting to wonder where you might be able to go for a sunny time. You could have everything you need and more in this part of the world.



in the world, and there are plenty of theories as to why that might be. Something you can’t deny when you are there, however, is that it is incredibly sunny and gorgeous, and the kind of destination which you are unlikely to forget any time soon. If you go during monsoon season, you’ll have some rains, but even most-visited placesThis almost-island on the South of Thailand is one of the so it will remain sunny most of the time. This is a beautiful spot for anyone to visit, and a real tourist=friendly one too, so be sure to give it a go on your next trip abroad.

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