Staying Healthy During a Move

Moving house is hard. It’s a massive physical and emotional strain. From the day that we decide that we want to move, we need to find a new house, secure a mortgage, go through conveyancing and surveys. You might also need to sell your current home. You have to deal with solicitors and realtors, and it’s tough. There’ll be setbacks, upsets and sleepless nights along the way. It’s stressful. And that’s before you get anywhere near to actually moving. 

The actual move itself is even more of an exertion. There are boxes to pack, a lot of heavy lifting and long days. It’s tiring, your body and mind are working overtime, and it’s all too common to wake up the day after a move suffering from tinnitus, colds and other bugs, pulled muscles, achy joints and extreme fatigue. 

Unfortunately, there’s still no time to rest. There’s unpacking to do, people to tell, utilities to sort out and even more moving things around, and, of course, the rest of your life doesn’t stop just because you are moving. Staying healthy during your move can help you not just to feel better, but also to settle into your new home quickly. 

Book Plenty of Time Off

House moves don’t always go to plan; in fact, they rarely stick to a timetable. Many of us are forced to move house on our day off, leaving us with a huge rush, and plenty to do around our jobs and other commitments. 

If at all possible, book at least a week off work, more if you can. This gives you time to take your time. You’ll get more time to rest and look after yourself, and you won’t have to rush. 

Eat Well


One of the reasons that we get sick during a move is that any kind of healthy eating goes out of the window. It’s hard to cook when your kitchen is packed up, and when you are short on time, a quick takeout or unhealthy snack is easy. But, it won’t help your immune system. Try to prepare some healthy meals in advance, and if you do need to pick up food on the go, try to include some sandwiches and salads. 

Get Some Rest

If you want to stay healthy, you need to rest. Getting up early, spending the morning moving and then being able to finish for the day early and get a rest before you got to bed will help you to sleep. 

Ask for Help

The more help that you can get, the less you have to do for yourself. Hiring movers can be a great choice, but if it doesn’t fit your budget, get as many helpers as you can. Even if people can’t help with lifting, they might be able to start some unpacking, prepare you healthy food or take care of the kids and pets to ease your stress. 

Warm Up


It might sound silly, but you wouldn’t lift weights at the gym without warming up your muscles first, so don’t try to lift boxes and furniture either. Perform some simple stretches before you get started, and once you have finished and your body will cope better. 

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