So You've Sorted The Steak, But What Are You Drinking?

Steak, glorious steak. It’s any meat lovers dream, isn’t it? Done right, a decent steak is a no-fuss way of getting your meat fix in one hit. Add thick cut chips and onion rings, and you've got a plate to set anyone's mouth watering. We love steak so much, in fact, that we took a close look at a few favorite New York steakhouses. If you haven’t tried them yet, you really should.

But, whether you’re buying from the pros or cooking up your own steak fest with the best cast iron skillet money could buy, you may be guilty of forgetting one crucial factor. And, no, we aren’t talking about your onion rings. We’re referring to the drink you choose to go with your meaty meal.

Everyone knows the horror of undoing a fantastic plate of food with the wrong refreshment. While this is often an afterthought, it’s the one thing that can ruin you (or your chef’s) efforts. As such, it’s worth sparing a thought for your drinks ahead of time. But, what exactly could you pick to complement your meal?

Red red wine

Nothing works quite as well for complementing red meat as red wine. Imagine all those beautiful red hues together. How much would the colors of your glass bring that red river of sweet blood to life? Alright, enough with the poetics. The fact is, the hearty depths of a full-bodied wine taste bloody fantastic with steak. See what we did there? Anyway, the thing to remember here is that you need something bold. A glass of Shiraz is always a good bet, or a Cabernet Sauvignon. Bear in mind that different wines pair with different steaks. A steak with fat on it, can balance the strong tones of wines like those mentioned. A lean steak, on the other hand, could work with a lighter option.

What about white?

To some people, the idea of pairing white wine with steak is a sin. But, we’re calling them out. In reality, dry white wine can work just as well here as red. This works exceptionally well if you add an acidic touch to your meal. A small drizzle of lemon or white wine vinegar across your steak could make a Pinot Grigio the perfect accompaniment. It’s also worth noting that rose can work pretty well here, but we’ll leave that shock for another day…

But, it doesn’t get better than beer


All that wine business aside, many would still argue that you can’t beat a beer, and we don’t disagree. As much as wine can compliment those flavors, it just doesn’t have the refreshing note of an icy cold pint. Unlike the deep tones of wine, you may be best off opting for a light beer or ale in this instance. Pale or amber ale always work well, as does lager. The key to remember here that the main thing you’re looking for is refreshment. Focus on that, and a decent steak is sure to follow.

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