RV Travel Is The Best, Here Is Why

It is becoming increasingly popular to ditch cars and hotels in favour of a good RV. You can check out peer to peer RV rental for an idea of what is available before you take the plunge and purchase your own. If you are an avid traveler or simply just want to start traveling then this is going to be really interesting for you. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to national parks, or you want to blast some music, wind down the windows and drive for miles - they’re the ideal car to go with.

It used to be that RVs were associated with older people, retires, and large families - but that isn't the case anymore. A quick glance at a few RV hashtags on Instagram will show you plenty of people are now making this a lifestyle choice.

After all, it’s a home on wheels what isn’t to love?

Saving Money

When you skip the hotels and eating out, you are going to see a lot more money left in your bank account. Of course, RV travel needs a lot of gas to keep it going, and there might be a few hiccups with the engine, but in general, it’s cheaper. You can seek out well-priced RV parks to park-up in, stock up on things like toilet paper, packet foods, tinned goods and other simple to cook foodstuffs. Not only that but if you are really set on making the most out of your cash, there are plenty of free-parking places that you can use.


You can do what you want when you want to. That type of freedom is hard to come by, and when you get it, you might not be all that willing to let it go again. An RV means you can stop somewhere for a few days, or take a detour, you can go to that street food market or the local festival without needing to cancel bookings in hotels or try and find a room. You’re driving your home wherever you go. If you hate traffic, you can opt to drive only at night. Want to catch plenty of sunsets? Then track what time it sets and start driving before it happens. You can tailor make your trip. Many RV travelers plan a rough route and a few spots they want to go to and see where the rest takes them.

Go with the flow spontaneity.

Home From Home

How many times have you heard people return from a vacation and say it felt like a home from home? There is a difference between that feeling, and actually having it. You can bring your dog, cat or hamster. You creature comforts, favourite blankets, the brand of tea and the chairs can be incredibly comfortable. You’ll have all of the clothes that you wanted to bring with you, and aren’t required to pack a tiny suitcase if you don’t want to. Although a curated wardrobe with some essentials is better than bringing everything.

You can work on the road. Provided you have picked up either an excellent data plan or have an on the go WiFi gadget, you can keep on to of your freelance work. Taking on freelance work before you head out will keep some money coming in. If you aren’t working and using your savings, then you can simply use the WiFi to stay in touch with people and let them know where you are.

They usually also have dishes, cutlery, pans and in some cases bedding too.

An RV really is a home from home and then some.


If you like getting up hearing birds sing, or waves lapping while you pour a coffee - getting ready to watch the sunrise. Or the stars like a blanket of diamonds above you then there is nothing that will beat RV travel. If you have taken friends or family with you, you can create some fantastic memories. Like cooking pasta in the middle of a national park. Moose spotting. Listening to the rainfall in the middle of the night with you reminisced about that hilarious family reunion a few years ago.

Or if you are alone, and need time to process things. There is little as quiet as driving for miles alone and boondocking.


If you are a social butterfly, then you might like to take a look at where you can park up. If you need help finding safe places to park, that meet all of the regulations, then you can join an RV club. They usually have a list of the best places, and you will meet very like-minded people on your journey. They often have game nights, socials, campfire nights and a whole heap of other fun stuff.

Alternatively, you can opt to park in places that aren’t busy with other RV travelers.

All offer a search system that will allow you to find great places to park. Harvest Hosts does have a membership cost, but at $40 for the year it’s worth it. You can stay as long as the host allows, and some even offer hookups. Your RV spot will be free, but it is better that you repay someway. Offer to cook, run errands, buy their eggs, jam, meats or other items. And share that spot with others too. Always read the reviews before you pick somewhere. Just because somewhere has a beautiful name does not mean it will be a pleasant experience. You should also leave reviews of your own too - to help future travelers get the best and safest places.



RV traveling is very freeing. At first, you might like to stick a rigorous drive - sleep - explore itinerary, but eventually, when the exact amount of your liberation sets in, you might find that you are much more willing to ‘go off piste’ than you thought. So, make a list of some things that you want to see, take a camera, and plenty of your favourite hot drink and always pre-make your sandwiches before you need them.

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