Practice Being Happy: New Age Happiness Techniques For The Novice

Happiness is something we all deserve, but it seems that we struggle to attain it now. We feel the constant pressure of everyday life bearing down on us, and so, there is little chance for an outlet that is productive and rejuvenating. This is why so many people turn to new age therapies. Because life isn't giving a lot of us what we need to make us happy, naturally we look to other avenues. So, if you are a novice to the new age approach of rejuvenation, here are some techniques you should try.


Pranayama is all about deep breathing. It is vital that we increase our capacity for oxygen, because it has profound effects on every aspect of our being, in body and mind. But, so many people breathe shallowly, so they are not using their full lung capacity. The best place to begin is to practice diaphragmatic breathing, and once you've developed this habit subconsciously, where you don't need to do it without effort, then you can progress to more specific pranayama breathing techniques. Breathing deeply does wonders for every aspect of us, if calms us down, by impacting our autonomic nervous system, and as a result, we feel more focused in every area.


This is all about concentration. We struggle to concentrate now as we are focused on our mobile devices, and have a million different distractions in life. Concentration is part of a well of resources that you need to build up. It's impossible to sit down and participate in a meditation session, automatically switch off your mind and think about nothing. This is why you need to practice breathing before embarking on this. It is a practice you can do by yourself, but if you struggle to get into it, there are many other approaches. People that practice long distance healing can be one aspect that could help. There are many resources that claim for it to be very beneficial, so if you are struggling to embark on your own self-healing and happiness practices, this could be a breakthrough for you.


Grounding can take many forms, from using crystals, specific stones that aid with grounding, all the way through to one of the fundamentals of life, food. Food is a wonderful way to ground yourself, because it gives you that feeling of satiety that provides you with the energy you need to complete your daily tasks. Our bodies require sufficient fuel, but a lot of us overeat or undereat. As a result, it can take some time to find that energizing sweet spot, but it's also important to remember that if you are struggling to retain focus on certain aspects of your life, are you eating the right food? A lot of us are not. Grounding isn't also about the fuel, but it's about that feeling of oneness with the world. One very simple way to do this is to take your shoes off and walk on grass. Not only does it help you feel better, but there are scientific reasons behind why it works so well.


And this is the most important piece of the puzzle. We need to feel happy in our lives, but if we don't have that restorative rest, it's going to be impossible. This is why we need to ensure we get enough sleep to replenish our energy, as well as our mind. In society now, people view a lack of sleep as a badge of honor. This is not a healthy approach to living your life. Rest can take many forms, it's not just sleeping. But if you struggle to sleep, you need to ask yourself why. Even though you might get the sufficient number of hours in, you still wake up feeling tired. This goes back to the fuel you put in your body, but also, if you are unable to switch off your mind. A lack of sleep makes us feel very unhappy, makes us lethargic, and gives us an inability to focus. Sleep needs to be a priority again, and this is the one true way to restore your energy and enthusiasm for life.

Don't let the new age terms put you off; a lot of spiritual practices have sufficient benefits under different names. As we've discussed, in actual fact, to get yourself even out in a spiritual sense, it's a lot about the fundamental practices of breathing, and specific methods to make you feel grounded. We all require a feeling of happiness, but we don't achieve it. So it's time to go one step further and practice being happy.