New Brooklyn Mural by D*Face Unveiled at Moniker International Art Fair

A brilliant four-story mural was unveiled last weekend at 188 Eagle Street in Brooklyn by British artist, D*Face.  Titled ‘Save The World’, it was created in conjunction with the first U.S edition of the Moniker International Art Fair and underwritten by Kaspersky Lab -- the latest project in a longstanding commitment to contemporary and street art. Moniker is among the most exciting contemporary art fairs with roots embedded deeply in urban culture.


At the VIP Collectors Preview D*Face discussed his creative collaboration, "As a member of the creative industry, and especially as a street artist, my social identity is crucial to my work, so of course it’s important to me to know that it’s secure. Many of my fellow street artists have chosen to remain anonymous for their entire careers, keeping personal and professional life completely separate - that’s no easy task. I think that really resonates with the issue of internet security and with the work that Kaspersky are doing. This was a great chance to collaborate with a brand with which I felt a genuine connection to myself and to my work. People need to feel in control of what they’re putting out about themselves into the world and that’s what Kaspersky

Total Security offers - a way to stay in command of your social identity.”  D*Face will also produce a design for a special edition of the internet security brand’s market-leading Kaspersky Total Security v.2019 product, which will be released in October 2018.

"Brooklyn is the perfect place to make our international debut, as it has always had a long history with urban and contemporary art, " said Tina Ziegler, Fair Director. "We’ve been careful to avoid the trappings of ‘elite’ art fair traditions and ensure that Moniker welcomes everyone equally. Inclusivity and a sense of global collaborative effort are right at the heart of our art movement. The values that are important to the art we celebrate are equally important to the fair as a whole." 

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