Myro The Deodorant With A 16,000 Person Wait List

With the seemingly increasing trend to go cruelty-free and rid your daily routine of dangerous chemicals, there’s a new all-natural deodorant on the rise that has gained a pre-launch waiting list of 16,000 customers.


Going natural, toxic-free, and especially chemical-free is difficult, but most of all inconvenient because of how much of a hassle it can be to find something new that also works for an individual person. This is why it can be easier to simply choose to stick with your trusty formula, regardless of how much better for you an organic product can be for you. Deodorants are no exception to this reality. Since, they are in contact with our skin, it is something that we like the comfort of one that we know won’t react badly. If consumers stray away from natural deodorants it is often because of the texture, lack of scent, and fear of it not doing what it promotes.

Meet Myro. An all-natural, minimalist deodorant. With a simple approach to the modern-day consumer with the promise of a “100% natural, plant-powered and mood-boosting” deodorant that is meant to please everyone. They market themselves on producing gender inclusive scents so that there aren’t any claims of a scent being deemed too feminine or too masculine. As of recently, they have five scents: Chill Wave, Pillow Talk, Solar Flare, Cabin No. 5 and Big Dipper. These scents are meant to shift your mood to their respective names. The scent range is expected to expand soon, but all of them are plant-powered and derived from essential oils.

Apart from their millennial branding and unique scents, they are a sustainable brand that aims at keeping their plastic use at the lowest levels. According to their website, their pod system actually uses 50 percent less than normal deodorants. This pod system included the washable, sleek container and its refills that make them recyclable.

The big question: how well does it work contrasted with its industrial companion? Produced with sugar-based antimicrobials for odor and barley for the moistness from sweat, it does a good job at keeping you smelling pretty good. If we’re being honest, there is no current FDA-approved alternative to aluminum for antiperspirant effects. That being said, reviews for Myro have shown that even though excessive sweating won’t be prevented, the natural scents do a great job of working for a day-to-day wear.

If you’re interested in trying out Myro but aren’t too keen on continuously ordering a necessity online, don’t fret because they have a no-strings-attached subscription system. You get three refills quarterly sent out for a total of $30 ($10 per pod), and are allowed to switch scents, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

By Diana Benitez

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