Localize.city launches first-of-its-kind listings marketplace powered by data and AI


 Localize.city launched the world’s first real estate marketplace designed to level the playing field for home buyers and renters — arming them with information once reserved only for savvy real estate pros.

Finding a new home is a stressful and overwhelming process. On average, people will see a dozen homes before choosing “the one.” A quick visit to an open house rarely paints the complete picture of what your life will be like at that address. And even if you had an entire day, the average person wouldn’t uncover all there is to know.

“We created Localize.city so New Yorkers can finally find a home without worrying about costly and frustrating surprises. We all deserve to know the pros & cons we will encounter in the months and years after moving in,” said Steve Kalifowitz, President of Localize.city. “For example, we found that one in three New Yorkers didn’t know there would be years of headache from construction near their new home. Current home hunters we spoke with were alarmed to hear that 10% of apartments on the market will lose access to their subway station due to construction in coming months.”

For more than three years, Localize.city’s team of over 150 data scientists, urban planners, and cartographers have developed an AI-based “Insights Engine.” This breakthrough technology analyzes tens of thousands of datasets, supported by on-the-ground expertise of urban planners.

Below are just a few of Localize.city’s unique insights which empower buyers and renters to choose a new home with confidence:

  • New Development: Might the great view you’re prepared to pay a premium for, go away?
    In addition to revealing what new residential construction you can expect (as well as new parks, rec centers and other big projects), Localize.city also lets you know if a new building may block your view.

  • Sunlight: How many hours of sunlight will you really enjoy? And how does that change between summer and winter?
    Find out the answers to these questions, in addition to how the amount of light compares to what the average apartment in the borough experiences.

  • Noise: Worried about noisy neighbors, bars or air traffic?
    Localize.city evaluated hundreds of nuisances plaguing New Yorkers. Find out if the neighbors have been complaining about each other, or a nearby business. If loud airplanes or helicopters will be buzzing overhead, you’ll get a heads up.

  • Can you build another floor?

Localize.city calculated every property’s unused development rights and offers an easy-to-understand explanation if it might be feasible to add more square footage.

These are just a few of the hundreds of insight categories. The attached document has an expanded description of insights for reference.

Helping people avoid frustrating surprises is only half of the story. Localize.city completely re-envisioned the home search experience, going far beyond basic questions of price, location and size. Home hunters can search by what’s most important to them: good natural light, tranquil streets, quality schools, and many other must-haves. In this way, Localize.city quickly surfaces homes that match the way people want to live, even in places they may never have thought to look.

“We are using machine learning and AI the way Netflix and Amazon have — tailoring recommendations based on personal preferences — and are applying it to support the most critical and costly decision anyone makes,” said Asaf Rubin, founder and CEO of Localize.city. “In the same way technology has changed how people find and consume media and goods, Localize.city is changing how people search for and find homes.”  

Localize.city offers comprehensive listings from all of New York City’s biggest brokerages, and the majority of small and medium-sized firms throughout the five boroughs, featuring all price points to serve both buyers and renters. Having put an emphasis on transparency for home hunters, and added value to brokers, Localize.city connects home hunters directly to the listing agent representing each property.

To experience the future of home search, visit www.localize.city

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