If Lo Bosworth Drinks Wine From A Box So Can You

If you grew up in the 2000’s then you probably know well of Lo Bosworth, star the Laguna Beach and The Hills. Born and raised the LA girl, Lo has now called the West Village her new home, showcasing it on The Lo Down. Lo has given us a breakdown of

According to Lo, “My idea of a perfect day includes plenty of self-care, which to me means time with friends, outdoor activity to enjoy the crisp weather, nourishing food and of course, wine. It’s all about balance!” She also recently joined the Black Box Rewards program, which lets you earn points by doing things you already love, like buying their wines and engaging with their social pages.

Bosworth likes to start off the morning with a healthy breakfast saying “Any combination of eggs and fresh veggies is a win in my book! If I’m treating myself (and I am), I’ll add a golden turmeric milk latte – it’s one of my favorite comfort foods. After that, nothing brightens my outlook like a good dose of exercise.”

After that Bosworth will head to a yoga class (Modo in the West Village") or a long walk saying “ Your workout shouldn’t be something you dread – it can be anything you like doing! I also recently got a portable Bluetooth speaker and yoga mat through the Black Box Rewards program (more on that later), and I’m obsessed with taking them around with me for impromptu outdoor meditation and vinyasa sessions.”

Having returned to New York City earlier this fall, which she commemorated with an inaugural first box of Black Box Wine in her new apartment. Before starting to unpack, she indulged in Black Box Wines to celebrate her move and selected the brand’s Pinot Noir for her first toast.

“Their packaging is eco-friendly which I love, they last for up to 6 weeks, and each box contains the equivalent of 4 bottles.”

In the evening, like everyone else Lo likes to catch up with friends with a nice glass of wine “It’s the perfect way to wrap up a day, and you owe yourself that relaxation time.” For more on Lo and her daily life be sure to check out her Instagram and blog The Lo Down.

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