How We're Celebrating National Rosé Day

As if you need an excuse to drink more Rosé, between weekends in the Hampton’s, or rooftop sunsets, it’s our favorite time of year. National Wine Day is June 8th, and these 13 carefully -selected wines will help you know exactly what to drink on this holiday, or all Summer all long.

Vito Palumbo, Brand Manager for Tormaresca states “I'll say something you're not supposed to say: In the case of rosé, I’d be more willing to judge a book by its cover! More than other wines, a rosé really stands for a mood, an energy, and a setting. I would trust a brand who knows that, and I believe that their attention to aesthetic details also speaks to their attention to the way the wine is made, and the experience it will evoke for you. I like to think of our Calafuria label as the first sip; an aesthetic introudction to the wine's soul: filled with the crisp fresh air of the adriatic coast, drenched in the soft southern italian sun, with strong identity, and alot of fun. We want to share that feeling with you, from the first visual experience of the label, to uncorking and enjoying.”

Below are 13 ways you should celebrate the holiday.

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