Grey Goose Launches Off Script With Jamie Foxx

Grey Goose vodka announced the launch of OFF SCRIPT, a new eight-part digital series hosted by Academy Award Winner, Jamie Foxx. This series follows Foxx as he goes “off script” with various Hollywood A-list actors, including Denzel Washington, Melissa McCarthy, Vince Vaughn, Benecio Del Toro, Sarah Silverman, Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner.


He talks with these stars about their lives, inspirations and the movie moments that matter most to them. Viewers will come away with an intimate understanding of their favorite actor’s creative breakthrough’s and influences.

Grey Goose has full ownership over the creation and execution of the whole series. A natural extension of the brand’s longstanding dedication to supporting iconic film, OFF SCRIPT is an innovative digital series that will be instantly devoured by viewers due to Foxx’s charisma and the intimate conversations he has with their favorite stars. The series will spark culturally relevant conversations that galvanize audiences through subjects that are universally relatable.

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