Galleries You Have To Check Out This Weekend

By Alexandra Reconco

There is always a new event, gallery and art installation in the city, that it can be kind of difficult to keep up. But luckily for you, we have curated a list of five of the newest and hottest openings and events going on now.

Photograph: Courtesy The Color Factory

Photograph: Courtesy The Color Factory

The Rubin Museum of Art

The Power Of Intention: Reinventing The Prayer Wheel

Open: March 1-October 14

Inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels, The Power Of Intention: Reinventing The Prayer Wheel “brings together select examples of traditional and contemporary art to illuminate the relationship between our intentions, commitments and actions. This exhibition is a unique experience the audience to interact with the artworks in order to portray the message of the Tibetan prayer and the idea of activation and intention. Be sure to check out the piece, Metamorphy, which is an interactive artwork by Scenocosme: Gregory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt that when you push it, you go through the elements of air, earth, and fire relative to the force of your touch.

The Color Factory

Open: March-May

 The Color Factory is a collaboratively-produced art experience that for sure be the perfect destination for your next mini-photoshoot. The multisensory exhibit, inspired by the colors of the city has 16 interactive installations that are designed to awaken you to the brilliant presence of color. Located in Soho’s Hudson Square neighborhood, this new installation invites curiosity, discovery and play to all ages. 

Blu Marble

Open: 24/7 through April 14

 “Imagine if we could look up at the night sky and see ourselves; see the Earth right that moment, streamed live from space?” asks Sebastian Errazuriz, the mastermind and creator behind the newest and coolest art installation in LES. The installation is a live stream projection of Earth from a NASA satellite in a vacant lot at 159 Ludlow Street. The installation is an “attempt to provide a platform to see ourselves from a macro perspective, a tiny instant within a much larger space and time continuum.” This project offers a new perspective on our existence and hopes to help humanity make positive changes.

Ronald Feldman Gallery


Open: Until April 13th

A new immersive installation by Shih Chieh Huang, a Taiwanese artist based in New York. Huang transforms the gallery space into a “hallucinatory environment of light, sound, and electronic machinery. Hanging from the gallery ceiling, motorized sculptures, in the form of delicate tentacles and fabricated from plastic bags, light up and change colors as they inflate and deflate, seemingly to take on a life of their own. Computer cooling fans generate movement, and the circuit breaker that controls the movement of the sculptures is also on display. Other kinetic works are attached to the wall, and creatures comprised of medical tubing with glowing liquid are strung around the gallery between the columns. The highly orchestrated rhythmic inflation and deflation of the multiple plastic appendages - simultaneously rising, falling, expanding, and contracting – create a meditative breathing room.”

Joshua Liner Gallery

Look At This Stuff Isn’t It Neat

Open: Through March 30th

Look at This Stuff Isn’t It Neat features paintings that explore the human desire to collect and covet objects, simultaneously referring to the opulent commodities depicted on the canvases and the paintings themselves. One of the pieces is an oversized Versace shirt, measuring approximately nine by seven feet which hangs on a four-foot-wide wooden hanger.