Autumn and Winter 2018 Coat Trends to Love

The last of summer and sunny weather has officially shown itself out the door. Now that cool breezes and shorter days are appearing more and more frequently, so are the coats. This season’s repertoire of toppers consist of many throwback trends with modern twists, daring fabric combinations, and even bright neon colors. Silhouette-wise, we’re seeing men and women’s styles increasingly merging together as androgynous fashion is fast becoming the norm. This season, take your picks from these 2018 trends. 

Camel classics

Image credit: Telegraph, Caption: Dior Homme

Image credit: Telegraph, Caption: Dior Homme

According to Dior Homme’s creative director Kris Van Assche, the camel coat was once as an extremely bourgeois piece in menswear, causing many to stray away from it. Fortunately, designers are breathing new life into the camel coat, showing both men and women that this classic is here to stay. After all, brown acts as a good base for most outfits, which we mentioned previously here on Off The Market. Offset its sophistication and maturity by pairing it with some light and playful colors.

Fierce in fur

Image credit: Vogue, Designer: Valentino

Image credit: Vogue, Designer: Valentino

Fur has always been the ultimate statement piece, and this season is saying it in all-caps. Vogue shares that a bold topper is all you need to combat the next harsh winter in style. It is also ridiculously comfortable and feels like a hug in clothing form.

The bulkier, the better

Image credit: Telegraph    Designer: Balenciaga

Image credit: Telegraph

Designer: Balenciaga

Gone are the days when fashion-forward men and women feared over-sized items because of their unflattering bulk. Now, most runway shows are layering up — and not for practicality. Pretty Me describes the oversized trend as a great chance to get playful with silhouettes. If you decide to go with a loose-fitting coat, pair it with tighter bottoms for contrast. With the right styling, you could even create the illusion of a slimmer build by throwing on an oversized piece. BNY Jeans advises that the trick is to know your size so you don’t end up looking sloppy. 

Neon nostalgia

Image credit: Refinery 29  Designer: Prada

Image credit: Refinery 29
Designer: Prada

This isn’t the highlighter neon we’ve come to know. Designers — with Prada leading the pack — have dished out a more approachable take on these technicolor hues. While it won’t guarantee you’ll blend in with the crowd, there is a way to tread the waters of this trend lightly. L’Officiel recommends using neon as an accent piece in an otherwise neutral outfit of greys or blacks. 

Cardigan comeback

Image credit: The Best Fashion Blog Designer: Laend Phuengkit

Image credit: The Best Fashion Blog Designer: Laend Phuengkit

No longer just a staple in your grandmother’s closet, the cardigan is making its high fashion resurrection. On the runway, this piece has maxed out its flexibility, having been seen alongside mini dresses, leather suits, and even fellow knitwear.

Feature Piece written by Jenny Carlson

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