A Day Of Whiskey And French Cheese

Over at the French Cheese Board in SoHo, International Whiskey Day was celebrated with a collection of various French cheeses and French whiskey. As mentioned in their website, the main focus of the store is blend together art, design, and food to appeal to both longtime connoisseurs and those interested in learning the intricacies of French cheese.

Among the many events that are usually held in the store, the latest was a collaboration of Cheeses of Europe and Ardbeg Whiskey. Wanting to celebrate the often overlooked world of French whiskey, various combinations of cheese and Ardbeg drinks were sampled. Aside from offering selections from Ardbeg’s existing product line, the tasting session ending with a sample of a brand new drink that they recently started importing into the States. In addition to the whiskey shots, Ardbeg also offered whiskey cocktails during the event. When it came to celebrating International Whiskey Day, French Cheese Board certainly had a unique and surprisingly enlightening way of doing so. Bringing together whiskey and cheese introduced people to an aspect of French culture that is seldom discussed.

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