4 Reasons NY Suburbs Are The Way To Go

Most people don't look at New York and think beyond the city. We see it in all the movies, all the time. There are the scenes of Times Square, the ariel shots of the Statue of Liberty. The yellow cabs looking like ants across the Brooklyn Bridge; it's all there laid out before you in a movie about New York City and all of its possibilities. Here's the thing: there is way more to New York than the city.


Deciding where you should live is always going to be a decision that you make based on your job, whether you need a good school district, how far you want to be from people and stores. There is a lot to consider, and while there are a ton of benefits to big city living, sometimes, the New York suburbs are just where it's at! So, let's take a look at four reasons that you should move to the suburbs.

More Space

Let's be honest, NYC may be hopping, but if you want any kind of real estate that is more than a shoebox for your budget, you need to get out of the city. Outside the city limits, you'll find way more square footage for your cash, with the potential for a decent area of land. There could also be trees, wildlife and the chance to take your children to the park in a bigger, wider space.

Bigger Community

Most people who are used to living in the city will tell you how lonely it can be. A place with millions of people doesn't always equal a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone. In the suburbs, you'll find country clubs that even post the news of the local area, such as the Arlington News Network. You'll find people to be more neighborly and interested in getting to know you all. It's not something you'll get in New York City.

Bigger Education

It's known that the suburban areas often provide better schools than the built-up inner city public schools. Even if you don't have children right now, you do need to consider how much you will need a good school district one day.

Bigger Quality of Life

When you live and work in the city, the commute is shorter, but you're living on top of the place you have to go to every day. In the suburbs, there is less traffic congestion, less crowding and a lower crime rate. You'll find a higher quality of life being able to drive away from your responsibilities for the day, knowing the longer commute is so worth knowing you're leaving the office behind.

The city is always an exciting place to live, but it's not always practical or worth your budget. Taking the time to look for a home in the suburbs could be a life-changing experience for you. No matter where you go, make sure it meets your list of expectations so that you're getting something from your choice.

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