3 Unique Thanksgiving Spots for 2018

By Emily Bach

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, now seems to be the best time of any to take a trip to somewhere new. For some that may look like a family member’s home, but for others it could be the spot of ultimate relaxation. Here are a few of our favorite places to spend for spending this Thanksgiving in bliss.

3 Unique Thanksgiving Spots for 2017

Hilton Head, SC

This booming island has quickly become a huge hit for the holiday times. Their laid-back and beachy vibes make it the perfect place to sit back, grab a pina colada and enjoy the sound of the waves. For dinner, there are a number of nicer restaurants, from Truffles, with a family-style menu, to Topside, known for their high quality seafood. But, the most notable of restaurants is The Salty Dog, a Hilton Head classic that’s quickly taken over the Atlantic region.

3 Unique Thanksgiving Spots for 2017

Ogden, UT

For a bit of a chillier escape, consider trying out a vacation in Utah. The destination is known for it’s insane ski-slopes, but contains far more beneath the surface. Complete with a cute city center and scads of adorable cabins, the city is the perfect place to go for a Thanksgiving getaway.

3 Unique Thanksgiving Spots for 2017

Washington, DC

If you’re looking to explore and adventure, DC is the place to go. As the nation’s capital, it contains some of the US’ top dining locations and most carefully curated museums. If you’re not an art person, check out the Air and Space Museum, Spy Museum or Bible Museum for a fun, but informative, day. And while you’re there, make sure you don’t miss out on the Washington Monument, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sight.