ALCHEMIQ: NYC's Best Mixology Experience

ALCHEMIQ is quickly becoming the finest of what NYC has to offer. Since its inception, this unique catering service has grown into a household name in the industry and has managed to change the landscape of it. The brand has been getting stellar reviews since its first event and has gained the trust of many reputable customers. Google, Jo Malone, Cosmopolitan and Chivas are just some of the brand’s loyal customers.

This NYC-based catering service is best known for its unique offer. Unlike most catering or mixology services, ALCHEMIQ offers it all to their customers. They specialize in mixing quality cocktails as well as serving amazing food. The founder, Igor Zukowiec has dedicated his life to exploring the world of flavor pairings. His passion led him to a career in catering and cocktail mixing which ultimately resulted in the founding of ALCHEMIQ catering - a business dedicated to serving the best quality hors d’oeuvres, finger food and cocktail catering on the market. The brand is also dedicated to helping the community by contributing to various charity events.

Trendy food

ALCHEMIQ catering has an artistic approach to food preparation. Its chefs believe that there is no better way of expressing creativity than through food. The result of that way of thinking is something truly special. You can be certain that there will be plenty of delicious food at every event they host.

Everything is prepared with an exceptional attention to detail. Every season you can expect a new menu consisting of dishes prepared with seasonal and fresh, locally grown ingredients. The starting point for their menu was the American cuisine which they later expanded with the best and trendiest additions from cuisines around the world. They can also create a bespoke menu for your event. The team always has a lot of new ideas and will listen to the suggestions of their customers to create the best menu to satisfy their needs.


High-end cocktails

Their amazing food menu is always topped off with high-end cocktails. The two are perfectly paired. There was a gap between the market demand and offer when it came to event mixology that ALCHEMIQ filled. You can finally have a great cocktail menu at your private party. The brand is offering craft cocktails served at the pace that will make sure no guest is empty handed. Creating an artisanal cocktail takes time, but with the right people behind the bar, ALCHEMIQ made sure to serve the best drinks in the time it takes to fill up a mug with beer.

Seasonal menus also include different cocktails for every season. When creating the cocktail menus, the team considers the food they will serve and make the selection of the best complementary drinks to serve together. But these cocktails are hardly just great companions of the food they offer. They stand independently when it comes to quality and creativity. Made of rare ingredients, freshly squeezed juices, and homemade syrups these cocktails are treats to the senses on their own.

The “wow” factor

Trendy food and high-end cocktails are what ALCHEMIQ has to offer, but what sets this catering service apart is the “wow” factor. Every dish and every cocktail is served in a unique way. The food is served on beautifully designed plates and stations, and cocktails are given a new look with dry ice and stencil-sprayed logos. The biggest value ALCHEMIQ adds to an event is its team of experienced and dedicated artists.

In conclusion

If you want to host an event that will leave a lasting impression, hire ALCHEMIQ. Their mix of creativity, professionalism, and dedication to the customer satisfaction will ensure the success of your event. Whether you are organizing a wedding, corporate event or a birthday party, the ALCHEMIQ team will have a unique idea and execute it to perfection.