Boxing: The Best New Workout

Tired of trying the same workout and not getting the results you desire, or just have some tension built in? We all know the dreaded feeling of trying to force yourself to workout on your own, spending more time looking at work emails than lifting the bar. New Yorkers are now getting in fighting shape and enjoying the work by becoming part of the newest workout fad - boxing. It's one of the best full body workouts to achieve that much-desired sweat dripping cleansing feeling. A lot of celebs have already figured out the benefits of boxing including: Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevinge, and nearly half a dozen other Victoria's Secret models go to former champion boxer Michael Olajide Jr.. Check out some of the 5 best boxing places in NYC. 

Gotham Gym

With classes and intense one-on-one training, creator, and owner, Rob Piela has been coaching everyone from celebrities to contraction workers for over twenty years. Gigi Hadid, a regular at the gym, credits her one-on-one sessions at the gym for her nearly perfect physique and incredible shape. 

Gotham Gym, 600 Washington Street and 43 Crosby Street New York, NY

Rumble Boxing

Ten Rounds. Two Fists. Zero experience needed, you’ll spend half of the 45 minute class pounding our special tear-drop style, water-filled bags and half of the class at your station doing strength and body-weight conditioning exercises. Rumble is the brain child of Barry's Bootcamp Master Instructor Noah Neiman, where you'll be more than inspired to go after seeing some of his Instagram videos.

Rumble Boxing, 146 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011


Dimmed lighting and thumping music set the intensity level and mood within the heavy bag studio. In various 45 minute classes this gym works the whole body while perfecting style, technique, and rhythm.

ShadowBox, 28 West 20th Street (5th+6th Ave) New York, New York

Work Train Fight

In 55 minutes you will experience a total WTF workout with intense instructors (who are all personal trainers) in a bootcamp style boxing class. Whether it be weight loss, strength training, boxing/kick boxing, or an injury preventing workout WTF does it all and will leaving you feeling WTF.

Work Train Fight, 636 Broadway (2nd Floor between Bleecker and Houston) and also hosted at Fit Factory at 153 27th Street (2nd Floor-Buzzer #7652 classes only)

Dog Pound

From heavy bag work to basic technique to high intensity shadowboxing this gym offers three different classes including: Underground Boxing Burnout (45 min. with shadowboxing, bag work, high energy music), Ring Work (45 min. with Overthrow's ring, high intensity music), and Sparring (next level skills with partner). 

Dog Pound, 1 Renwick Street, New York, NY