I went below 256 degrees and never felt better

Photo via @Kryolife

Photo via @Kryolife

It’s cold, like really cold, these are the thoughts I have as I am being exposed to -200 degree nitrogen ice for 3 minutes. I’m always on the hunt of the new health craze and have decided to take the plunge into Cryotherapy. I first found out about Cryotherapy like my most of my news, by seeing celebrities in these ice chambers claiming it’s the best thing for their health. Yolanda swears by it, Kobe swears by it, and so does the cast of Dancing With The Stars. What interest me more are the athletes who use it as a way to reduce inflammation and increase recovery in-between workouts.

I went to check it out for myself at KryoLife in New York City. While I find myself in nothing but wooden clogs with socks and gloves I feel my legs tingle as the nitrogen-iced air reaches below -200 degrees Fahrenheit. You would think it would be freezing, but as I spoke with the team, they explain that this is dry, rather than containing moisture that goes into the body, like when you ski on a mountain. What the extreme temperature does is puts your body in a fight or flight mode, which kicks in your natural endorphins.

KryoLife website says that “Originally invented by doctors as a powerful anti-inflammatory tool, whole body cryotherapy is now being recognized as an important restorative treatment for the body and mind. When your body briefly exposed to cryogenic temperatures ranging from - 184 F to - 256 F . Extreme cold can stimulate temperature receptors in the skin to activate the nervous, immune and endocrine systems, resulting in reduction of pain and inflammation, and improvement in mood, improvements to physique, and the overall health of the body generally enhancing your overall health, wellness, and being.”

Photo via    DerekHough

Photo via DerekHough

Some of the benefits that I looked for in trying Cryotherapy is the overall relaxation and being rejuvenated. The cold temperatures increase muscle strength, blood flow, antiflammatory and antioxidative effects. This is perfect for recovery as well, similar to those of an ice bath, but as mentioned before since there is no moisture in this it really doesn’t feel as cold as it does with moisture. Best thing about it is that it is said to burn 500 – 800 calories, all in 3 minutes! When first trying this out it is said to do at least 5 sessions within a week, I made sure to do a back to back session. Being able to try it before and after a workout, I felt they were some of my better workouts, giving me more energy and without feeling sluggish I don’t know about you, but in today’s hectic life who has time for a massage to relax. A good one can last up to 90 minutes but for those who have work, social life, and a family cryotherapy is perfect for those who need a quick pick me up.


Photo via    MandyMooreMM

Photo via MandyMooreMM