10 Fashion essentials for cold weather travel


Planning for a winter vacation can be exciting if you enjoy a perfect cool-weather getaway. However, the realization that winter will be accompanied by hustling storms and snowfall makes you look at your wardrobe questioningly.

If you like dressing fashionably, packing can require much thought, so you don’t look out of style in all the vacation photos. You just need some basic travel hacks. Despite the prediction that the weather will be challenging, take a look at the exact numbers to which the temperature will drop and select clothing accordingly. You don’t want to be stuffed in layers on a day the sun has decided to shine brightly.

Winters can be very different in all the parts of the world, so make sure you have fashion essentials that support all sorts of weathers. Here’s how we think we can help you out:

1.     Down jacket:

This jacket is the medicine to your defense from cold. Despite being a need, it should at least be chic to let your real outfit survive. It is going to act like an insulator to the cold, so don’t drop a down jacket from your luggage, ever. However, the variation that you should select is the one with a detachable hood. The hood, however, should be lined with faux or wool. This way it will be easier to pack it as well. If you don’t like down jackets, you can also opt for men or womens red leather jacket.

2.     Long Johns:

Have you ever tried thermal underwear? These are the set of underwears that trap your body heat to save you from the harshness of the weather. You can opt for the ones that are woolen as well. The leaner you get, the less puffy you look. So, it is completely your call! Thermals are very efficient when it comes to heat retention.

3.     Beanie:

Do remember that the jacket hood will somehow fail to survive if the weather is too harsh. You need an extra covering that doesn’t look un-fashionable. Your savior can be a beanie. There are a couple of good beanies that retain heat well. Try getting them in basic colors so when you wear them, you don’t go out of style. Keeping the head warm is essential and keeping it under the fashion statement is even more important. Lastly, there will be times when you will take the hood off; so make sure that the beanie makes you look cute.

4.     Scarves:

Don’t overlook the importance of scarves during cold weather travel. Buy scarves that match with your outfit, or contrast it in a good way. While the scarf will be covering your exposed skin, it will also be adding a statement to your whole attire. You can simply learn a few great ways to tie a scarf and look different every time you wear one.

5.     Boots:

When someone suggests you that you should go for over-layering of socks, don’t agree to them. Boots are not only the perfect fashion statement for winters but a big necessity too. Socks might keep you warm, but they will not keep your feet dry the way boots do. Get yourself some elegant and classy boots. Make sure you get basic colors like black or brown. White can be a very attention-seeking option too if you can carry it well. Look for water proof ones, so they don’t make you feel inconvenient when it rains. Padded boots will also do justice to your fashion statement, so don’t overthink if you find an interesting pair of such boots.

6.     Gloves:

Will your picture be Instagram-worthy if you don’t wear gloves and act candidly? Gloves are the fighters of cold. They help when the cold is unbearable and who can miss them out when one can always find a gorgeous pair of gloves? They’ll be your necessary protection from a snowball fight, a blizzard or a cold day with rain. So, also be sure to get yourself some waterproof ones.

7.     Lip balm:

You don’t want chapped lips on a winter travel trip. Get yourself lip balms that gently stain the lips. This will add more sweetness to your look. It applies to both men and women. Don’t fall for the trap of ‘I don’t need a lip balm,’ because everyone needs a lip balm in winter! Buying a few is good, in case you lose one or more.

8.     Moisturizer:

You don’t want to get cracked soles or palms, or cold rashes, do you? Get some good moisturizer that works best for very cold and dry weather. Make sure you get the ones with shea butter or essential oil. The more moisturized your skin, the better it will feel and look.

9.     Sunscreens:

Shocked to see this item in the list? You should know that the most UV radiations fall during this time of the year. The colder it is, the more are the chances of getting affected by UV rays. Invest in a good brand or a popular drugstore sunscreen brand. You can do a quick Google search to see which kind of brand and SPF is required at your travel location.

10. Long coats:

These are a must when you prepare for a very chic-looking holiday or work travel. To make sure you don’t go out of style, pack a coat that is of a neutral color. It shouldn’t look too vibrant or extra on your clothes. Long coats do justice to most of your outfits and pictures. Keep them to feed your aesthetic sense. Depending on the weather, it is necessary to select the material. Be sure not to look extra puffed up when your surrounding is only sweater-worthy.

Last word:

When you go out for a vacation or get to travel for work, the excitement can overwhelm your packing choices. Forgetting things that are basic and very crucial is never worth it. In the run of looking extremely fashionable, please don’t ignore the fundamentals or else you’ll regret it. There are plenty of ways to pack, especially heavy winter clothing items like boots. Refrain from useless weight to carry on to your destination, and pack smart.

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