WOW Air, the ultimate traveling savior

By Aura "Kymi" Manjarrez

Let's face it: You want to go to Europe. And you're not to blame, who wouldn't want to go?

Photo via Wow Air

Photo via Wow Air

However, air transportation proves to be the most prominent issue, more often than not. There is, however, an alternative to paying that $400 ticket from France Airlines or KLM. It's name is WOW Air.

Founded in November 2011, WOW Air is an Icelandic based airline that provides air transportation at a very low cost, provided that all flights to any European destination have a layover [often under 4 hours] in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland.

It employs about 170 people, but has already transported over 720,000; this is not only due to their excellent service, but also to their multiple options regarding destinations, their availability regarding accommodations, and their affordability regarding price. The airline does not always provide food or beverages [only in some longer flights], but the seats and the space between them are comfortable, the inside of the plane is very clean, the service is excellent, and they count with USB ports and plugs. Not all planes count with TV and Wi-Fi, but the information page you bump into while booking your flight will let you know whether you'll count with the service or not depending on the plane you're taking.

The only issue is the weather; Iceland is often hit by heavy snow storms starting mid November that tend to last until the end of February, so if you did want to look into flying WOW, make sure you plan ahead and book with time. It is always advisable to keep track of major sociopolitical events as well, as major issues regarding personal safety [the Paris bombings of 2016 for example] may also be a delaying factor regarding flights and accommodations.

Their website provides all sorts of helpful information, and their Customer Service is always up and running, so don't fret if you get stuck planning your next adventure: WOW Air has you covered!

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