What You Need to Know About Winter Health in Manhattan

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Christmas-time, and more generally winter, is one of the most beautiful times to be in Manhattan. There are the gigantic decorated trees, ice skating rinks and holiday displays seemingly around every corner. While all of the festivities spread the joy of the season, winter in Manhattan also comes with the potential to wreak havoc on your health. Instead of sitting back and letting the season get the best of you, take a look at how you can be proactive to have a happy and healthy winter in Manhattan.


Add some layers of protection

Most people know by now that living on the east coast, it is essential to invest in some warm winter apparel. Without the right protection from the low temperatures and snow, you are putting yourself at risk for a cold or even something worse like pneumonia or bronchitis. But what exactly do you need? In cases of cold weather, it is better to be over prepared than under. When strolling through the city can mean walking blocks to get to your destination, you want to make sure you’re wearing the warmest coat possible; especially when the surrounding skyscrapers create a bone-chilling wind tunnel.

In addition to the warmest coat you can find, it is imperative to make sure you have the correct accessories. Wearing a hat, gloves and scarf is something that some people feel the need to go without. The truth is that not only do these three accessories keep you warm, but they also protect parts of your body that may be more exposed to the bitter cold, wind and snow.


Hydrate your skin

The cold weather and wind not only make you feel chilled to the bone, it also sucks the moisture out of your skin. Combining the cold with the mass amount of exhaust in the Manhattan air makes the situation dyer for your skin. While it is important to always be applying creams and lotions, the importance becomes critical in the winter. Everyone’s skin and skin care needs are different. Whether you identify as a male or female it is crucial for you to find the skin care item that meets your needs.

Untreated dry skin can cause pain and even deep cracks in your skin to form. There is also the potential for bleeding and even infection if left to the elements. Not to mention, no one enjoys looking the mirror and seeing dry patches anywhere on their body, least of all on their face.


Take in your surroundings

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of beautiful experiences to have in Manhattan during the winter season. When it’s grey and gloomy, it can take a serious toll on your mood. It is important on those days to take some time and immerse yourself in things that make you happy and bring you joy. Take a day to consult a New York City guide and try visiting some new places. Manhattan, and the larger New York City, is a place filled with endless amounts of places to go and experience. So when you feel the darkness creeping in and getting the best of you, go out and immerse yourself in your surroundings.


A little TL(vitamin)C

During winter months we tend to eat less citrusy foods that contain a lot of vitamin c. This essential vitamin helps operate our immune system, which is at higher risk of being compromised during the cold winter months. It also acts as an antioxidant that protects cells from harmful components that we are exposed through via cigarette smoke and air pollutants, both of which Manhattan is full of. Because of this, we often find ourselves needing a boost in vitamin c.

One of the most popular methods to give our bodies a boost of vitamin c is through a flavored powder supplement that is added to water. Providing our bodies this boost of vitamin c helps treat and fend off illness that we become prone to in the winter weather.

Take a deep breath

Lastly, there is plenty of opportunity for you to become stressed out during the winter months. Whether it’s seasonal affective disorder, the holidays, or just something else going on in your life, the winter is a time where everything just seems to creep up on and get to you, especially when in a city as busy and crowded as Manhattan.

That’s why it is important to recognize your signs of stress and work through it in a way that works for you. Relaxation is an important aspect of this. A popular trend in comfort and relaxation is the Danish principle of hygge. Putting yourself in a calming atmosphere and surrounding yourself with the things that both calm you and make you happy are key and can help you survive a seemingly long and endless winter.  


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