What Do Millennial Employees Want In Their Offices?


Lots of business owners spend quite a bit of their time designing the perfect office for their workforce. Any entrepreneur worth his or her salt will know that good office design is important for employee creativity and productivity. But are you sure your design ideas are in line with those of your millennial employees? By 2020, this generation will make up just over half of every company’s workforce, so they are the people who you need to start catering to. It’s time to move away from the preferences of baby boomers and create offices that millennials want to work in.

But what exactly do they expect from their workspaces? Here are some key ideas.


Millennials aren’t too different from the older generations as they both expect to work in safe office spaces. Plus, millennials are actually very aware of their rights in the workforce and they know that they will be able to get in touch with a liability lawyer after even the slightest of accidents or injuries. So, it’s imperative that your office is a safe space and that employee safety and security is a number-one priority. Oh, and don’t forget to insure it just in case a liability case is brought up against you!

Home Comforts

The millennial generation is always connected and on the go - because of the technologically advanced environment in which they have grown up, they are used to always checking their emails and being constantly contactable, even by their employers. As a result, they often find it hard to separate work and home life. For this reason, work-life integration is big in the business world these days, and many employers are bringing in plenty of home comforts into their offices. To achieve this, go for a work-casual design and add plenty of soft-furnishings.

Social Spaces

Gone are the days of private office space - these days, you are more likely to find offices that are open-plan. Millennials love this office design as it promotes collaboration and creativity. So, when you are designing your next office, be sure to include plenty of social spaces that your younger employees can use as collaboration spaces and areas where they can openly discuss ideas to help get their creative juices flowing.

Plenty Of Tech

Millennials are very tech-savvy, and they know that using tech in the office is a great way of making various tasks and jobs a lot more convenient. So, be sure to implement plenty of tech in the office. It’s also wise to make sure that you are bringing in the best forms of each tech as you know how millennials are with all things trendy!

Green Design

The millennial generation is also a lot more environmentally minded than their older colleagues. Lots of young workers now expect offices to be eco-friendly and operate in a way that won’t increase the carbon footprint. So, it could be worth figuring out how you can make your office space even greener.

Have you done anything special in your office to please millennials?

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