The Diet Which Gives You More

The majority of diets focus on less rather than more. They’re about cutting back on meals, reducing the foods you eat, and even stopping food cravings. The idea being that taking control of these things means you can finally control your weight. It’s a good idea in theory, and it’s easy to see why diets operate this way. But, if you’ve been trying for a while, you already know that these cutbacks rarely work out.

The simple fact is, restricting our access to what we want often makes it more appealing than it was before. Rather than adjusting to a life of less, our desire for restricted items grows stronger than ever. So, the moment we reach our goal weight or put our diets to the side, we rush back into the arms of the foods we’ve missed most. Hence why, even if your attempts worked in the short-term, they’ll soon come undone. Many a dieter has experienced this frustration. In extreme cases, it can end with putting on more weight than you’ve lost. That’s why many people scorn the diet world as a waste of time.


In truth, though, there’s nothing wasteful about wanting to eat better. When you get down to it, it seems clear that the issue is in how we go about that. The moment we talk about focusing on ‘less,’ you could say that our attempts are doomed. So, instead of restricting items, your next diet could enjoy a focus on giving more.

We know what you’re thinking, though; how can you get healthy when you give yourself more rather than less? In truth, it’s easier than you would think. What’s more, this luxurious form of dieting could see you living a healthier life than those restrictive alternatives. So, what exactly should you give yourself more of?

The right foods

There are diet plans out there which allow unlimited access to healthy foods, and they seem to see the highest levels of weight loss. They’ve realized that it isn’t our meal sizes which cause us issues. More, it’s what we eat. It’s clear to all that a small plate of fatty food is trouble. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get used to mouse size portions. Consider, instead, that you could eat a whole serving bowl of salad and still be better off. You could pile your plate full of beans and lentils, and still lose weight. Get this right, and you could find your plate fuller than it’s ever been before. How does that sound for a diet to die for?

More of what you need

It’s also worth noting that a successful diet involves health as much as it does weight loss. That’s why you could also benefit from focusing on getting more of what you need. By this, we mean more variety, which allows for more nutrition. Rather than sticking to one food group, attempt to add as much variety into each meal as you can. Make sure everything you eat is giving you plenty of protein, fiber, and calcium. Small additions like nuts on the side of your plate could work wonders here, as could the addition of beans. If you’re struggling to fit everything you need into your meals, you could even focus on getting more nutrients by turning to supplement companies like Youngevity products. Again, this involves adding to your dietary intake, rather than taking away. That’s crucial stuff given many diets leave us lacking from a nutritional standpoint. Hence why we’re so liable to give in to our food cravings the moment we can. But, more nutrients means more needs fulfilled, and less chance of slipping down the line.

Pour more water


More often than not, water doesn’t get a look in during diets. We know to cut back on things like milk and alcohol, but most of us don’t even consider whether we should drink water or not. As a result, the majority of us don’t drink as much here as we should. In a general sense, that’s an issue due to the health implications of dehydration. For your diet’s sake, not drinking enough could also leave you at a disadvantage. The fact is, water is a fantastic appetite suppressant. As if that weren’t enough, it also helps to speed up your metabolism which will help you burn fat faster. So, rather than focusing on what you can’t have, get that tap running and make sure you keep a bottle by your side at all times!

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