The Best Reasons Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta

Do a quick Google search on the best diving destinations and you will see Malta being featured at least once in the search results. The islands of Malta and Gozo have long been considered to be the top diving destinations in the world, visited by thousands – if not millions – every year.

Whether you’re an experienced diver or someone looking to try scuba diving, Malta is a great destination to choose. There are several reasons why you can have the best diving experience in the archipelago, and we are going to review the best ones in this article.

Perfect Water, Perfect Weather

Water temperature in Malta and the surrounding waters is absolutely perfect. You can expect a moderate temperature of around 17°C (63°F) during the colder days, and a crisp 25°C (77°C) during the warmer ones. These water temperatures make diving really enjoyable nonetheless.

Malta also has the perfect weather for a holiday. Even in the winter, the weather here never gets too cold. The best time to visit Malta is of course around July, but a trip to the islands in January will be just as pleasant with the air temperatures hovering around 15°C.

Plenty of Attractions

Even before you get to the wealth of diving spots waiting to be explored, Malta has a lot to offer. The island is the home of some of the oldest structures in the world. The recently Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni offers a gorgeous take on prehistoric era with its temple.

Explore the towns in Malta and you will see beautiful cathedrals from the Renaissance era as well as Baroque palaces. There are plenty of great restaurants to try too.

The Best Reasons Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta

It’s Diving Heaven

Malta offers the opportunity to dive for everyone. You have diving centres and operators such as Atlantis Gozo catering to your every need. The price of diving is very reasonable in Malta, plus you can arrange for group dives if you’re traveling with friends and family members.

For those with no prior experience in diving, Malta is also the perfect place to learn how to dive. There are courses by PADI and certifications you can get while enjoying an extended holiday. You don’t even have to bring your own diving gear, because everything is available on the islands.

The Best Reasons Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta

Spots for Everyone

As mentioned earlier, Malta and Gozo have diving spots for everyone. The Blue Lagoon in Camino is definitely a must-visit. It is also known as the Blue Hole, with a spot called The Chimney at the end of it. There are several routes that can be explored here and they are suitable for experienced and inexperienced divers alike.

A personal favourite of mine is the Wreck of the Um el Faroud. Um el Faroud is a large tanker that was converted into an underwater wreck specifically for diving. It is now known as one of the best – if not THE best – diving spots in the region. The tanker itself is more than 100 metres long and you can explore every part of it.

Another travellers’ favourite is the Reqqa Point in Gozo. It is a shore dive, and a very beautiful one nonetheless. The underwater sceneries here are absolutely beautiful, plus you get to examine the lives of different sea creatures up close as you dive down the nearly vertical wall.

The Best Reasons Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta

It’s Easy to Reach

Last but certainly not least, Malta is very easy to reach. The presence of Malta International Airport and the national airline, Malta Air, means you can visit Malta from anywhere in the world rather easily. You can also get to the islands from Sicily, Italy.

If you haven’t visited Malta already, you’re missing out on all of the attractions and experiences you can find on the islands. Plan a trip to the archipelago and experience yourself just how magical Malta (and diving in Malta) really is.

By Elena Tahora