Stress Headaches Are The Worse But Could These Surprising Methods Help Give You Relief?

Sometimes life can get too much at times, and we can find ourselves struggling to keep our head above water. Stress can be brought on from a number of different factors. It can be caused through work with deadlines to meet and things to do, it can be caused from your relationship, your lifestyle or issues with family and friends. Often stress can affect us in different ways and a common side effect is a stress headache. They tend to build up a little like a cluster headache at the front of your head and can often be very unpleasant. However, many people like to avoid the common method of taking a painkiller, so perhaps some of these surprising methods could be worth a try.


Heat and cold treatments

When it comes to stress headaches sometimes we don't want to reach for pills, so a natural remedy can be the application of heat or cold compresses. They both do different things, so you may find that one works for you more than the other. The heat can relax muscles whereas the cold can strengthen them. Both can alleviate pressure.

A darkened room

Sitting in a dark room is often one of the best ways to beat a stress headache. Sometimes the light can be a trigger as well as contributing factor to the stress headache so removing yourself from bright natural light and sitting in a dark room can help your eyes to relax and also help with the pressure you feel in your head.

Vaping a herbal liquid

Vaping isn’t for everyone, but there are some great health benefits for doing it, especially if you use them to replace the use of coigtratters. But, there are some herbal liquids you can buy that can help with stress headaches. The smell and the general action as contributing factors. Buying what you need is easy and a quick look online for things like the best drip tips for vaping will help you get what you need to start.

Caffeine can help not hinder

Some would say that caffeine isn't good for headaches, that they might even be a contributing factor, but actually caffeine is a great way to beat the feelings a stress headache can cause. It is a stimulant, and rather than relax your mind it will have you feeling alert and awake. Which in turn can help to alleviate any pain as your mind has the energy it needs to function.

Massage away the tension

Ahead massage can be a great way to rid your head of any tension brought on by a stress headache. Using your fingers and a circular motion, you can begin to massage the temples at the side of your head. You could also try and rub your fingers through your scalp following the same circular motion. If you have someone who can do it for you even better.

Exercise your way to being pain free

Finally, exercise can be the ultimate reliever. It is possibly not the thing you want o be doing when you have a headache, but it can certainly be the one to help you through it.

I hope that these tips help you to get through a stress and tension headache.