New York's Top Holiday Displays

When you are in New York City for the holidays, there is nothing more mesmerizing than the holiday displays along the windows on Soho. To make your visit or day in the city more magical, follow the crowds around one of the department stores and take awe in the colour. Here are five places where you can catch some of the best holiday displays in New York.



Most likely the one that everyone ventures to is the Macy’s windows. In big colourful lights is the slogan for the season, ‘The Perfect Gift Brings People Together ’. How true it is, as hundreds of people lined up on 16 November for the unveiling of the window displays. There are six windows, each with a different display but all centered around the theme of ‘The Perfect Gift Brings People Together.’ Watch a sleigh go through Manhattan, what happens inside Santa’s workshop, or a theatre performance conducted by a polar bear band and a cat puppeteer.


What can everyone expect from the iconic jewelry store expect sparkly-studded presentations on the windows? Each window has a Tiffany’s box cleverly hidden somewhere in the display. One window is of Rockefeller Center, complete with trumpeted players leaning towards Prometheus and a Tiffany’s box in the center. Another window shows a Tiffany’s box on a plate in the center of a Christmas dinner feast.


Bergdorf Goodman

Perhaps the display that dedicates itself to the Big Apple, Bergdorf Goodman’s theme is ‘To New York With Love’. The windows capture the spirit of the New York of today as well as the New York of years past. As an appreciated nod towards the city’s arts, history, film, and music culture, each window they have is dedicated to different cultural institutions such as The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The American Museum of Natural History, and the New York Historical Society.



This year, in collaboration with Simon and Nikolai Hass, the windows are created with the theme of an imaginative universe. With taglines such as ‘Sunbody Loves You,’ ‘Cactus What You Preach’ and ‘Bee Yourself.’ As political as it is colourful, each window is like a canvas abstract art.

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