Inside The Original Tribeca Magazine Launch Party

108 Leonard hosted the launch of the new magazine Original Tribeca Magazine. Featuring actress, Manhattan stalwart and active NYAA board member Brooke Shields on its cover, Original Tribeca represents the ever-evolving neighborhood of Tribeca from its industrial roots to what has been dubbed “Hollywood on the Hudson.”

Waris Aluwalia, Peter Davis, Stephen Cheuck

Waris Aluwalia, Peter Davis, Stephen Cheuck

Guests gathered in celebration for the launch of Original Tribeca – a magazine created to showcase the cultural and culinary attractions that helped establish Tribeca as one of the most venerable neighborhoods in Manhattan.  Notable attendees included Mark Gilberston, Bree and Topper Mortimer, Waris Ahluwalia, Peter Som, Jennifer Creel, amongst many others.

“While working for Fred, I did not only form strong friendships with these well-established artists and authors, but also ate up Fred’s stories of Warhol’s New York scene from partying with Mick Jagger at Studio 54 to hanging out at hot spots like The Odeon and Elaine’s. I devoured Warhol’s archives from vintage issues of Interview to his celebrity and society silkscreens. Naturally, I started carrying a camera with me everywhere I went to document New York’s social swirl,” said Peter Davis, whose experience through the rise of Tribeca made him the ideal candidate to tell this story.

108 Leonard, the Mckim, Meade & White landmarked building known as The Clocktower, hosted the launch party at the 108 Leonard Sales Atelier to celebrate the launch of a new publication, Original Tribeca.With development managed by Elad Group, the restored building offers more than 150 condominiums masterfully designed by hospitality visionary Jeffrey Beers.

 Photo’s courtesy of Snowflake NYC

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