Inside The D’eusse Re-Mixer series


Last night, D’USSE Cognac drew a crowd of New York’s hip hop-meets-fashion crew for the newest D’USSE RE-MIXER series. Gathered at the legendary McIntosh Townhouse, it was a night that showcased all of the synergies between sound, cocktails, and how remixing one ingredient can create a whole new perspective.

The interactive event offered guests including notables such as Georgia Fowler, Vashtie, and TK Wonder, as well as key members of the industry, an intimate taste of D’USSE, the cognac category, and its role in both cocktail and music culture. DJ Millie entertained with sets throughout the evening, as guests were led through the house to experience the work of three iconic masters of their craft:

Legendary cocktail expert Derek Brown and his team from D.C.’s award-winning Columbia Room, provided guests with a sonic wave cocktail demonstration, showcasing how the drink, the Don’t Grab the Water, using a singing bowl to stir cocktails with sound vibrations allows an interpretation of sound through drinks and impacts its flavor. The way the bowl is vibrated and the level of liquid, allows you to watch the cocktail dance via the vibration and changes the flavor. Each of these artistic elements play off the core concept of how altering one simple ingredient – sound, tone, or even spirit base – can change the way something tastes or is perceived on the palate.

Cellar Master Michek Casavecchia, creator of D’USSE XO and D’USSE VSOP, revealed his inspirations behind each expression XO and VSOP, while offering tailored one-on-one tastings.

Grammy award winner 9th Wonder, responsible for producing hits by Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J Blige unveiled the connection between remixing classic cocktails and mixing tracks through an interactive DJ Masterclass, utilizing The World of McIntosh’s renowned sound system.

Guests were able to create their own re-mixed D’USSE cocktails with a full pantry of ingredients after their experience throughout the house. Other notables in attendance included Dougie Joseph, Jamal Jackson, Gitoo, Amrit, Elijah Dominique, Ron Hill, Martin Salomon, Quiana Parks, and Igee Okafor. See more in our gallery below.

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