How To Observe Your Bodily Health Over Time


Unfortunately (and very much fortunately,) none of us are vampires, not even the cool kind spoken of in young adult fiction. By this we mean that none of us are immortal, and separate from every mallady known to man. That’s somewhat of a blessing of course. It keeps us human and normal, and nowhere near as terrifying as a creature that hangs upside down. However, that also means we need to pay close attention to our bodies, and ensure that we’re keeping on top of health issues as they arise. Sometimes a health issue may arise and take us completely by surprise. Sometimes a slow march of difficulty may rear its head, and we may have more time to adapt to these issues than we initially thought.

Adapting a few checks here or there can certainly help. The earlier you catch something, the better your chances are of coming to a better medical solution. Not only that, but you may be inclined to put together better solutions to prevent issues from occuring again, if the problem has been caused by habits you are used to.

Consider the following:

Body Checks

Getting into a few wise and reliable habits can help you take care of your body tremendously well over time. We all know the drill. Gently observing your breasts or testicles can help you find any lumps that may signify the onset of cancer. Remember, both men and women can gain breast cancer. Most people will not find anything, but the one person who finds something early may save their live thanks to this practice. It just takes a little time to do each morning so loing as you know what you’re looking for.

However, these are only two of the most obvious issues. If you feel something coming on and you’re not quite sure of its nature, there are a few tests you can do. Let’s say you wake up with a dull pain in your shoulder. It might mean you have a damaged or sore rotator cuff, or you simply moved strangely and quickly in your sleep or during work the previous day. It might be a sign of many more things you should worry about, and even more things you shouldn’t. You can always try to test the mobility, consider replicating the pain you felt if possible to know how and when it happens, observe the bare skin in the mirror, and perhaps see if it’s responsive to painkillers. Reflecting on how the pain feels can help you describe it to a professional, and writing down any changes in oits nature during the course of the day can inform a professional appropriately.

Body checks, a list of which you can determine for yourself, help you gather information about an issue. If you’re not sure what steps you should take, consider visiting a Doctor, particularly if the issue persists or impedes in your daily function. A blocked, stuffed or overly painful nose might not just be the sign of a cold, it could mean you need sinus surgery. A continual headache may not mean you overdid listening to music too loud last night, but another more pressing need. Without the intention of checking, or trying to find the source of an issue, you’ll never be rid of it.


It pays to be social. We’re not talking about the partying kind, but the ‘keeping people around you that you trust’ kind of socializing. This is because when in a connecting relationship like this, you can look out for another person, and they can look after you. You may inform one another that your skin color is looking mighty pale recently, or that you’ve noticed they’ve been coughing deeply more than usual lately. Sometimes listening to others assessments of how we look and behave can be more reliable than our own perspective, because we cannot see ourselves in the third person. Pay attention to their opinion. It could settle you or alert you to something worth taking care of.


Your energy levels are such a large indicator of your overall health that it pays to keep a close eye on it. Seasonal depression and tiredness are both pretty normal phenomena, but it can really pay to consider just how tired you are, especially if active, eating well and getting more than enough sleep. Low energy may show an immune system under stress, an illness taking hold, or perhaps something more sinister. Always consider how your body is functioning and how you might adapt it. The issue could be something small such as minding you have a mini-allergy to cheese, or perhaps something larger such as onset MS. With your observation correctly utilized, you can find a solution as soon as possible.

With these tips, observing your bodily health over time is sure to be possible, and may prevent a difficult circumstance from catching you unaware.

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