How to Make Your Fashion Statement More Personal


What you choose to wear often represents something more than just some random clothes you put on in order to cover yourself. Your style is your identity – it lets you express your personality and show the world how you want to be perceived. That is why fashion trends should never be blindly followed, as your personal traits don’t change as fast as trends do. However, with such a large variety of clothing options, it can sometimes be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose yourself in the process. So, here are some tips that will help you find your personal style more easily:

Get to Know Who You Are

In order to truly express yourself through your fashion choices, you first have to get in touch with yourself. It is essential to understand who you are, what you love, and what fits you the best, so that you can dress in accordance with your personality. Recognize your strengths, flaws, values, and interests, and then own them. Once you acknowledge all of them, the only thing left to do is to remain true to yourself. Only then can you finally show the world freely who you are.

Consider a Capsule Wardrobe

One of the first things to try, when finding a personal style, is creating a capsule wardrobe. It is one of the best and simplest ways of developing your style. By stripping your closet of unnecessary, unworn clothes, you are left with the pieces you truly love and which perfectly express who you are. From that point on, building a more personalized wardrobe is extremely easy, as you have more insight into the personality your clothes convey.

The Magic of the Perfect Dress

The concept of the little black dress is so well-known it hardly needs any explaining. It is a widely recognized item of clothing that is irreplaceable when it comes to style and functionality. The ‘LBD’ can be styled for any occasion, whether it be a sharp work outfit, a sophisticated look for dinner, a flirty and glamorous look for a night out, or completely dressed down, everyday look. Having a well-tailored dress in your closet will help you achieve any look with minimal effort. And choosing the right cut and shape of the dress can really help you express your individual style.

Upgrade Basic Looks with Statement Accessories


There’s nothing simpler than putting on a few eye-catching accessories to brighten up a basic outfit and give it a personal touch. Big statement jewellery and bright printed handbags are the easiest way to spice up your look and make it more interesting. But accessories can also mean scarves, belts, or even the type of sunglasses you choose to wear – anything that gives your look a bit of colour and flare. These little details make the most impact on an outfit and convey your personality and style in a unique way.

Dare to Experiment

There are probably some pieces in your closet that you only wear for special occasions and never think of wearing otherwise. But why not experiment by adding some alternative items to your everyday outfits? By adding a steampunk clothing item to an evening look, you can easily achieve a chic Victorian vibe without looking like you’re wearing a costume. Anything goes if you are bold and daring enough.

Let Your Lifestyle Guide You


Unfortunately, even fashion has some boundaries we shouldn’t cross. You won’t have the same freedom to wear whatever you want if, for example, you are a fashion blogger, or if you work in a bank. Your style should match your field of work and your lifestyle, but you should always be able to put a hint of your personality in your outfit. If you aren’t able to fully express your creativity through clothes, then you need to find more subtle ways of showing individuality, like through colors, patterns, cuts, or even daring accessories.

Be Confident

No matter where you go or what you decide to wear, the ultimate key to making a fashion statement is being confident in yourself and in your look. Wear what you love, don’t let anyone else define you and push boundaries with your authentic style.

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