Getting Out of New York: Autumn Inspiration


If you’re looking to take a short break away from the Big Apple, this fall, then this article offers some great inspiration on where to head to.

Whilst summer might be coming to a close, fall is a fantastic time to fall in love with travel, as it offers such a good chance to connect with nature and is particularly great for those with a passion for photography as you can capture the vivid colours of fall foliage.

That said, you don’t have to leave the city to treat yourself to the visual delights of fall, after all, rather than put on your walking boots and head into the wilderness you could dress up to visit one of New York City’s top rooftop restaurants where you can overlook the colourful hues found within Central Park, for instance.

If you’re looking to get out of the city for a weekend or two, however, here’s a few place to check out:


There’s a limited window of a few weeks, in Aspen, when just before the cold weather starts to transform the tree-lined slopes into ski territory, you will find a picture perfect scene of red, yellow and orange hues that shimmer in the breeze… a photographer’s paradise, as this  backdrop is contrasted with the evergreens and mountain peaks, whilst the atmosphere in Aspen is much more chilled out than in the ritzy ski season.


If you’re looking to reconnect with nature, particularly if you’re into fishing, Lake Jacksonville  could be right up your street.

Whilst the area is particularly popular with campers, and hikers, you can easily find a nice hotel in Lake Jackson, Texas and dip your toes into nature rather than be fully immersed in it.  The lake is located around 3 miles from downtown Jacksonville and boasts well maintained facilities for camping.


Here, you’ll find an impressive array of maple, birch and beech trees lining an extremely beautiful eleven mile route that is one of the most colourful in New England.  The drive takes you from Waterbury, which is the quaint home of the world famous ice cream chain Ben & Jerry’s through two state forests as well as three state parks.  


Just up the road from New York, the more gentile vibe of Boston allows visitors the time it explore its beautiful parks and riverside walks without the frenetic pace that New York life brings with it.  A particularly beautiful spot is to head toward Harvard University where the collegiate charm is akin to something from a Hollywood movie, with its crisp leaves falling down against a backdrop of affluent intellectualism.


The eighty mile Columbia River Gorge is an impressive site to see in the fall, with its firs, cottonwoods, big-leaf maples, ash and twisted pines all putting on a spectacular show of colour explosions - which you can see whilst driving along this beautiful road, hiking in the hills, or even canoeing down the river.

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